Happy Monday, Loveys! Not every Monday, but often, I get the feeling that since it's the beginning of a new week, there are all sorts of opportunities for me to turn into a better, prettier, smarter version of myself. (I do know that technically Sunday's the beginning of the week, but it feels like the end to me.) I'm feeling that way today. I used coupons yesterday, for goodness sake! That's gotta be an indication that I'm evolving into a smarter shopper. And my new desk is ready for business and I'm loving it. It's for sure making my life better today. As for the prettier situation, well, I'll work on that.

Let's talk turkey. I mean food. Menu for the week:

Monday - (Dinner out with a girlfriend for me) But for Jeff and Ashtyn, probably pancakes

Tuesday - Baked chicken

Wednesday - Steak, mashed potatoes, peas

Thursday - Crabcakes

Friday -  Cheeseburgers (If the weather's nice and Jeff can fire up the grill)


Hop over to Rachel's to see what every one else is making.


  1. Yum! What an amazing week of meal plans. You're so awesome to plan such yummiest


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