Pour Your Heart Out

Reading blogs can be dangerous and yet the coolest thing ever.


I read a blog post recently by a woman who felt bad about whining so much on her blog. Um, that's almost the purpose of my blog. So I felt bad about that.

I read a blog post by a woman who was being super brave and sharing her political views. I didn't really agree with her views, but she had a million comments by people who did agree. That made me wonder why I don't agree, and gosh, do that many people really feel that way? I felt like I needed to find a blog post about views I do agree with so I could breathe easier that I'm not alone.

I've read lots of posts by moms who are way more spiritual and convicted about things than I am. They feel so guilty about things that don't bother me. But the truth is that I don't want live with guilt all the time. It's not a great way to get through your days. But then I feel guilty for feeling that way.

It's amazing how many pictures some families take. I'm not that great at doing that all the time and I'm even less great at posting the pictures I do take. It could be that my camera is really uncool. Maybe if I get a better camera I'll want to document more. Maybe.

Sometimes when I read back over my posts, I just shake my head and wonder what I was thinking.

Really Cool:

I read a blog post today by a woman who pretty much described my life on a bad day and I felt so glad that I could leave a comment and encourage her and that I myself felt understood by reading her post.

I read a post today that made me literally laugh out loud it was so funny.

Comments on my blog make me ridiculously happy.

I love the community that blogging brings you. I love making blogger friends and reading what other women are brave enough to share with me (and the rest of the world).

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  1. Blogging is its own unique little world.

    I like the posts that are totally different in thought than my own opinions- so I can see another side of an issue.

    Though I love the ones that I can relate to!

  2. Dangerous: I read blog post about girls that have it all together their kids and marrige are perfect. Their husband is a faithful christian.
    It makes me sad when I realize my husband is not a beleiver. However posts like this one make me realize that we all have our insacuritues .. we are not all perfect however our lives are still worth sharing and blogging about right?!
    I love meeting new people that can encourage and uplift your spirits when they are low.

  3. oh Brandy... :) I too use to think 'wow! some of these people are so unhappy'...or 'I don't really believe in what you are saying as far as religion or politics' so I would shy away from those blogs....and then one day Clay said, 'bloggers find commonalities with each other and that's why they read. The ones that are miserable are for miserable people. :) lol he looked at me and smiled and said, "misery likes company." And I don't think you whine...not at all :) I enjoy reading your posts. I feel like we have a lot in common...I most definitely can relate to you ((hugs))

  4. Isn't the blogging community great! Here's an exercise for you: read some of your old posts and feel good about what you are doing! You encourage me. That's why I come back. I don't think you're whining all the time. :)

    1. I totally agree, you don't whine -- you are funny... I sometimes read some of your comments loudly to my husband!


  5. I definitely feel the "tug & pull" while reading blogs. I'm so grateful for all the writers who expose and share themselves - that takes a lot of courage and talent (more than what I have)! I do sometimes find myself reading along and in a way, loosing myself. Sometimes I start feeling so inadequate. BUT then I am(or most cases, my husband or BFF reminds me) reminded that that person is her own unique self, just like I am. I have a different expectation and set of priorities in my life than what they have. I have different gifts, talents AND weaknesses than what they have, and I shouldn't lose sight of this. I don't think we all have it all together - it's impossible. And granted some do have it together more than others do {at that moment in life}, but still not all together. And I love that there are a handful of women who I can relate to and with - who don't judge or criticize me - but who love and encourage me along the way. Even if it's a different path then what they would choose. They let me be me! Thank you for doing what you do, Brandy. I look forward to the point in my day where the kids' are napping and I sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and read your blog. You have a wonderful gift and talent - shine away!

  6. Blogging has a really great community around it. I love that it is so diversified. I think when you're reading a controversial post, most people that comment are for the cause, and those that aren't just kind of click out. Or at least that's how I am. I am sure many people disagreed that don't comment. Also it's so nice to feel the support from a community! I love when I vent to my blog and get tons of uplifting words in return. Have a good day!

  7. I love peeking at blogs that are so different from the way I think... It makes me less judgmental by seeing the other side of the story and why they chose that path.

    Also, I love reading the positive, encouraging and uplifting ones, happy stories, love stories... NOT forgetting funny moms... You are funny Bran... I laugh so much reading your posts!

    I am definitely put off by insecure moms who come online to attack or mock other peoples choices; religion; parenting style (home school or NOT, potty train at 2 or whenever; general choices (work or SAHM, Breastfeed or formula, epidural or NOT); political choices etc. I am turned off by self promoters too.. I am this, I am that.. the rest of you are NOT!

    ****think I can always discern some insecurity in the writer when they start mocking other mom's choices or pour negativity**********

    Keep blogging.. I love it!

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was fun to read your post. I can totally relate!

  9. Blogging definitely can be dangerous! I could sit and read blogs for HOURS. I love the ability to connect with people from all over the world. Nice post.

  10. I know what you mean! I love reading blogs and commenting. It relaxes me and the friends I have made are priceless!

    Happy Weekend!


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