Why, no, those aren't chocolate chip cookies! Whatever do you mean?

Loveys, do you ever have those moments where you feel like there's sort of a chasm of difference between you and other people? I've got these girlfriends who I love. Seriously. They are awesome. They are also healthier than I am. I have had this chasm experience a few times around them. Once was when we were all out having packed lunches, except I didn't pack a lunch and so Ashtyn was eating ice cream for lunch while the other kids were eating something like tuna.

So, anyway, we sort of had this experience recently (by recently, I mean today). We all went to this farm for the day where the kids could see animals and play and have all kinds of fun. Then we had a picnic lunch. My sis Laura was with us, so she and I and Ash and Linc are on our blanket, next to everyone else. I open our lunch sack, which has two Diet Dr Peppers for me and Laura, a bag of chips, three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, two packages of those cheese and crackers--and, um, a whole package of Chips Ahoy cookies. I'm noticing that all the people on the blanket next to us are eating apples, salad, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, drinking water . . . Laura starts to inconspiculously hide our bag of cookies under our blanket while I tuck our bag of chips back down into the lunch sack. All this nonchalance is hindered by Ash saying loudly, "I want a cookie! I want a cookie!" I have to defend myself and say that I had a little cup of orange slices for Ashtyn (the pre-packaged kind). Alas, when I asked if she wanted them I only received a violent jerk of the head as she licked the cheese off the cracker.

Another tragedy. We lost Linc's paci while at the farm. I mean, obviously we have more at home. But it was more than an hour drive with a super tired baby who didn't have his paci! Thankfully he fell asleep with minimal meltdown status. It could have been worse. Slightly embarrassing picnic lunch aside, it was a great day with the kiddos.

A day in the life of the Bruce family, Loveys.


  1. AWE!!! your kids are adorable!

  2. cute pictures. I know how you feel. I hate when everyone around me is eating so healthy and I am not. I feel so awkward haha

  3. Haha - im with the cookies! Cute kiddos!

  4. aww cute pics!


  5. I love this Brandy! I miss you girl, and I'm so bummed I missed seeing you all at Sunflower Farms! For the record: I would've eaten a few of those Chips Ahoys! : )

  6. You are the mom all the kids will LOOOOOOOVE, 'cuz you bring the cookies!


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