Zoo Umbrellas

Hello, loveys. How's your weekend going?  I feel like it's been forever since we've talked. What have the Bruces been up to? Well, let me catch you up on our Saturday. So we decided to go with the kids and Laura to the Denver Zoo, which we'd never been to before. By the way, do you ever feel like every time you go to the zoo, all the animals are sleeping? Not only that, they're sleeping as far away from the humans as possible? That's how I feel. Anyway, the Denver Zoo is a really big zoo so there was lots of walking involved. The whining from my children started not too long after we got there and I knew it was time to break out the picnic lunch. Food always helps. While Jeff and Laura and Ashtyn were in the reptile building, I was waiting with both strollers when a nearby table with an umbrella came open. I can just tell you that those umbrella tables were a hot commodity and I knew I had to grab it. So I abandoned one stroller and took Linc and the other one and staked my claim at that table.

Once Jeff and everyone came out and joined me, we took out our sandwiches and drinks and everything and had lunch. When lunch was over and we were all feeling a tiny bit rested, it was time for more walking. I stood up and heard something hit the ground. I look down and see a metal rod on the ground. I'm wondering where that came from when half the blue umbrella is falling on me. Jeff has this delayed reaction where he's just sitting there, watching me be whacked by a huge umbrella. Laura's reaction was not delayed, it was automatic. She fell over laughing.

If you're wondering if being the one person at the zoo who is being engulfed by a broken umbrella is embarrasing, let me assure you that it is. After a few minutes a worker came over to check out the umbrella and Ashtyn starts yelling out, "You need to fix it!"

Moving on. We went to see an elephant at the outside amphitheater. He was swimming around in a huge pool of water.We sat down on the front row right as his back was facing us and he needed to go to the bathroom. All I can say to that is: Oh dear.

Despite those two unfortunates, it was a hot, clear day and a good day to visit the zoo. We were exhausted by the time we left.

On to Sunday! Jeff and I took the kiddos to McDonalds so Ash could play on the playground. She may or may not have had an accident on the playground. And that may or may not have been the second time this has happened. And we may or may not be banned from that particular restaurant (that last one is unconfirmed).

Later today one of our friends who recently moved and was back in town for the weekend came over and we got to hang out with him and that was fantastic. We miss you, Nathaniel! :)

And loveys, tonight is Game of Thrones and you know how that thrills this girl. Tyrion and the Lannisters are defending Kings Landing against Stannis. We'll see how it goes. I have a feeling there will be blood. Sadly, I doubt it will be Joffrey. But it better not be Tyrion.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Do you have holiday weekend plans? What's everybody doing? My only plan so far is to grill hot dogs and have queso.


  1. I love going to the zoo. That is funny about the umbrella but I am sure it wasn't at the moment, hope it wasn't painful! Well now you have a story to tell people. :)

  2. we're planning a trip to the zoo soon and i'm ridiculously excited. i think it's more for me than my son! ;)

  3. Now you have me wanting to go to the zoo.


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