Friday's Letters

It's time for some letters, Loveys.

Dear Outback Steakhouse,
I am very sorry for all the screaming made by my children. We tried to leave as quickly as possible. Oh and I'm sorry about all the yogurt on the floor. 

Dear George R. R. Martin,
I'm not sure how I feel about you right now. I finished Storm of Swords and I feel worn out from battle. I know this much, there better be some light at the end of this tunnel.

Dear Colorado Springs,
I know you're tired of smoke and fire. I feel for you and I'm doing a rain dance. Things have to get better.

Dear Laura,
I'm freaking out that you're on your way to Africa and I'm not going to hear from you for a while!

Dear Sara,
Looking forward to our tea date tomorrow, dearest.

Dear Jeff,
Next time we decide we're going out to eat and we'll just take the kids with us, let's remember tonight and rethink that decision.

Dear Ash and Linc,
You make me crazy but I love you. 


  1. sounds like an interesting night at outback steakhouse. it's always hard to decide whether or not to take the kids!

    happy friday!

  2. While I feel terrible for your experience at Outback, I am also glad that I am not the only one. My oldest daughter accidentally poured a giant drink on the floor of a food place today and my baby left a trail of food all around. I felt so bad.


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