I Should Be Cleaning . . . Oh, and thoughts on death traps

I really should. I don't know why I can't bring myself to do it. I'd rather talk randomness with you guys than clean up my house which is starting to resemble a day care center. Would that I was more like a daycare center in other ways! You know what I'm talking about--those moms who are all about arts and crafts for their kids. Who are all about going outside and learning about plants and bugs with their kids. Who are all about doing sidewalk art with colored chalk and such things. I'm going to be that mom someday. Maybe tomorrow. But at this house, we're all about watching Tangled today. And making our rooms a tad messier than they were this morning, despite my good intentions of cleaning up before Jeff gets home. My new plan is to do it after Jeff gets home.

One good thing I've done today is work on my menu planning. A few days ago I pulled out my favorite recipe magazines for summer ideas and marked all the new meals I want to try. Most of them include the grill, which is awesome because that means Jeff's outside cooking the main thing while I'm inside cooking the little things. Sometimes this works. Other times it's like last night, where I'd planned a fabulous grilled meal and had everything ready for Jeff to light it up as soon as he got home. Problem: propane is empty. Grrr. So we had oven-baked sirloin kebabs (they actually turned out great but I was a little peeved my plan didn't go off as I thought). Anyway, I've got meals planned till the middle of next week.

Oh, a second good thing I've done today is go mail my dad's Father's Day package. Now I've just got to think of something to do for the Jeffster. (Hey that reminds me, I want to do a shout out for my sister Laura! It's her birthday! Go, Laura! Go, Laura! It's your birthday....get funky...(Isn't that a song or something? If not, I'm sorry. I'll work on being cooler.)

Do you ever feel like it's hard to like people who seem to have it all together? I feel that way. I think comparisons among women are like death traps. Except death traps are easier to avoid. Comparisons are near impossible. It's ingrained in us or something to notice when another woman looks way better than we do. Or when her house is way cooler than our house. Or when her mothering skills are borderline expert when yours are borderline . . . um, not expert. Smarter. Prettier. Thinner. Funnier. Richer. More successful. A better cook. A better interior designer. A cooler blog.

Why do you think the comparison thing happens to us? (If you think I'm over here with an answer, nada. So feel free to chime in, sister.) I think I do well with not comparing myself to other women usually. But it creeps up on you and happens. Or it doesn't creep--it flies in your face and waves red flags. Contentment is something I really try to practice in my life. And it doesn't always work, but I do try. I feel like being content is a choice as much as it is a feeling. It's easy to feel content on those days when it's just you and your family at home together, loving life and loving each other. Then you go out and about and comparisons creep up and suddenly it's more of a choice to be content. But I think one is just as important as the other. That's how it is with everything, I guess.

I think it's important to be happy. I've read a lot of blogs by people who talk about how being happy shouldn't be a priority and how the goal shouldn't be to be 'happy,' it should be other things (usually spiritual things). And that's totally okay and everyone's entitled to their opinion. For me though, I want to be happy as much as possible. To enjoy every day of my life. For my husband to be happy in this life we're living together. For my son and daughter's childhood to just spill over with happy memories. Sad days and difficult days will come for all of us. I know that. But that doesn't mean you can't experience a whole lot of happy along the way. And practicing contentment makes me happy because it helps me accept and appreciate where I am. (I'm not saying it's simple. It's an ongoing thing, you know.)

What about you? Do you struggle with comparisons?

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  1. Love this post - hit home very nicely! You're super awesome! Hope your having a great and content day!

  2. Re: Daycare Moms - I had dreams of becoming "Supermom" when I decided to stay at home with my kids. I thought... "If I didn't work, I'd have so much more time! I would cook a beautiful meal three times a day, I would pack a lunch for my hubby every day, I would do projects with the kids, I would catch up on my scrapbooking, and my house would SPARKLE." After two and a half years as a stay at home Mom, none of those things have become a reality for me. I didn't think about the fact that while I am at home cleaning for an extra 9 hours a day, my children are ALSO home, making a MESS for an extra 9 hours a day. I do what I can, and that's enough for me and my family.

    Re: Death Traps - That's a whole 'nother story, and I don't want to write a book on your blog post! lol

  3. The only time I think I struggle is with people who chose to be an a** because of the fact that they have it all together. But I understand where you're coming from :)

  4. ohhhh Yess!!! so many times that i sometimes feel this has to be normal!

  5. The comparison happens so easily- I think it's because we compare our worst with someone else's best. Their public face to how we know we are in private. Totally not fair.


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