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I'm super excited to be linking up with Kelly's Corner today for Show Us Your Life--Master Bedrooms! How fun to get to peek into everyone's houses! Or is that weird? Um, anyway. We're doing it, loveys. I'm always happy to get ideas on decorating so linking up should be fun. Before I post these pics of my own master bedroom, I should say that I am by no means a great decorator. I'm a pretty simple decorator and I wish I were better at it. Jeff and I have been married for nine years, we've owned two different homes at different times (one we live in now). And I've found that when decorating a master bedroom for you and your husband, you have to take more into consideration than if it were yours alone. I would love to decorate a master bedroom for just me, everything I like and want. But it's two of us in this thing so we decided on everything together. Luckily, we have similar tastes and it wasn't hard to find a (simple!) style that worked for us. The master bedroom is actually my favorite room in our house.

(Just FYI, if I were doing one just for me, there'd be a four poster bed with a canopy and an antique vanity set with a seat and everything and a little sofa--I guess I'd need a bigger room. Or, you know, a castle would work.)

OK, this first picture is taken from the doorway. The cool thing about this room is that we have double doors leading into our room

Oh, that's our cat, Georgia, on the bed. She wouldn't move for the picture.

The other cool thing about our room is that our office is in our bedroom. I mean, it's part of it. You can see below. Through that little archway is our office. Since I spend so much time on the computer for my work, I really love having the office in our room. At night, I can be working and Jeff can be watching TV in our room and it still feels like we're together.

One last picture from a different angle.

There you have it, loveys! A peek inside the Bruce home! (If you saw it at this moment, there'd be lots of laundry in the corner, but Georgia's in the same place.) What's your fave room in your house? What's your must-have in that room?


  1. Pretty room! :) And I love those pictures of bridges - do I spy Tower Bridge in London?? (I just got back from my first trip there, so I'm still on a bit of a London high... :))

  2. That is really neat that you have an office right in your bedroom like that! I wish we had something like that!

  3. I like it. It looks good, not too much going on. And I really like the pictures you have hanging. Super cool that you have that little office in there

  4. I love it! I love the color and that your office is in there and the archway into the office, LOVE archways! :) Great room! I can't wait to take pics tomorrow of my master, although we are ready to move, I love my master!

  5. very nice! my husband and i rent so I can't bring myself to fully dress up a room that isn't permanently ours! I can't wait until we have our own home.

  6. I love how you decorated your bedroom! I have been trying to learn different ways of decorating a master bedroom for my new home. I want it to be the most beautiful and comfortable place in my house.


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