SO WHAT Wednesday

I am definitely saying, "So What!" this week if . . .

  • I had a small meltdown on Monday. It could have been big one and then where would we be?
  • I tried to use make-up to make all these mosquito bites on my legs blend in with my skin. Again, Jeff pretended not to notice something strange about me.
  • I am completely overwhelmed by housework and need a maid. 
  • Someone has taken the extra chair out of my cubicle and I know where it is and I want it back.
  • Hunger Games just got to the dollar movie theater and I am beyond excited and going to go see it soon. Yes, this will be the third time. But it's like a dollar fifty! That's less than a soda. Or a package of powdered donuts.
  • Jeff's work conference is coming up and I'm trying to get psyched about it (it's a family thing). I'm just wondering how many toys we can pack into our small car.
  • Every single morning this week I've woken up wanting a cinnamon crunch bagel. But I've resisted.
  • The girls at daycare have started calling Linc the "little inchworm." Hilarious! While he really is like an inchworm trying to get around, he's surprisingly fast.
  • I'm worried that my sad flower garden will get worse while we're at Jeff's conference.
  • My hair was sort of tragic today and I didn't care.
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  1. i'm super proud of you for resisting the amazing panera cinnamon crunch bagels. They are what dreams are made of.

  2. i couldnt agree with you more, esp the maid part- i am drowning in laundry dishes and crumbs

  3. I love that you have a Dollar Theater! And what a cute nickname for Linc :)

  4. The comment about covering up bites with make-up cracks me up, only because I've totally done that before!
    I LOVE the hunger games, I'd watch it a thousand times if I could, even if they did rush the movie! Following you!

  5. 1) you just got yourself a new follower, girlie
    2) thanks for stopping by my blog this week
    3) i love this. is this a link up?
    4)love the cubicle and chair so what comment.. hilarious.!!


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