Thoughts on Family and Shirley Temple Movies

Hi loveys. How's life? Well, I'm currently applying anti-itch cream to my many mosquito bites.
And my skin is in a little bit of humidity shock. I'm feeling oily and the need to wash my face about every hour. 

Every day has been so full since we got here that we just need a day to take it easy. I mean, as easy as things ever get with two little ones. It's been a great trip despite the contamination situation of chickenpox. We got him on the anti-virals and antibiotics immediately and that must have fixed everything b/c we haven't seen anything happening on the chickenpox end since that first day of the meds. He's already finished the anti-virals. We took a little detour over to Louisiana to see Jeff's family. That was fun. His mom owns an ice-cream shop so Jeff was in Blue Bell heaven. I've taken some pics on Instagram but haven't figured out how to get them on the blog yet. If you have tips, pass them my way. We went down to Houston last night to spend some time with my spicy side of the family. I'm talking about my Mexican blood, ya'll. :) Good times.

This morning I'm tired, but Linc has actually slept in so we're making it. Ash is next to me watching Happy Feet, acting like a little Shirley Temple with all this tap-tap-tapping she's doing. Did ya'll grow up watching Shirley Temple movies? My mom loved them so Sara and I absolutely grew up watching (and loving) The Littlest Rebel, The Little Colonel, Stowaway, Heidi, Poor Little Rich Girl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and all those other ones. If  you've got little girls, you should try those out. So sweet. It might be one of those things you have to grow up with to really enjoy. I don't know. But I love those movies. I just wish somebody would have let that little tike wear a skirt that doesn't look meant for a stroller-riding baby doll. You know? It seems like she's always having to wear dresses that barely cover her bottom. Anyway, she's adorable regardless.

Living Doll
Anyway, the one thing I always am confronted with when we travel home to see family is how hard it is not to see them more often. Everyone is amazed at how much Ash has grown because they haven't been able to see her much. That always makes me sad. Even though I know it's normal to grow up and move away and make your own way and follow God's journey for your life--it's still hard to be away from people you love for so much time. I know some people live very near their families and that must be great (or not so great, depending on your situation), but for us, we've lived away from a lot of our family for a long time. But that also means that every time we see each other, I so appreciate the time we get to have together. It's really special to me. Still, there are all those bittersweet feelings where it's so nice to be together and so sad to leave. Hellos are just better than goodbyes. I try not to think about how long it will be before I see everyone again.

What's it like when you see your family? Drama? What's a family visit look like for you?

OK, more anti-itch cream needed.

*Kid update. Linc has now said Mama, Da-da, and Thank You. More than one time. He's really trying to crawl and can pull himself a tiny bit forward every now and then, but mostly he's a going-backward machine. That guy can somehow push himself backward really well.

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  1. I live pretty close to most of my family and there is a lot of DRAMA. but moving away would still be hard, but then again it is fun to look forward to those trips to visit them and catch up


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