Capturing Real Life

So last week Lincoln had to get vaccines. Our pediatrician asked me if I'd baby-proofed the house yet. I told him I'd just started thinking about it since now Linc was crawling. He frowned and said it should already be proofed because of Ashtyn. Oh. Right. Well, I told him she's pretty good about staying out of things. He glanced over at her and I'm thinking he didn't believe me about that. Anyway. So Sara was at our house the other night and she snapped this photo of me while I was cooking.

I had to laugh at this real-life moment captured. This is me subconciously baby-proofing. Notice Linc trying to open the cabinets under the sink.

That's life in the Bruce home for you.

On another note, I'm wanting to do a pirate-themed birthday party for Linc next month. (He'll be numero uno so it's a big deal.) If you have ANY ideas or can point me in any pinterest directions, that would be greatly appreciated. C'mon, Loveys!


  1. Classic mom move. Nicely executed. The no-look version of this is especially advanced.

  2. besides Pinterest and Etsy I like

  3. We babyproofed and Tommy still managed to outsmart us! Tommy wants a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday this year! He loves the show but I am holding off a few more weeks before planning since he gets out of loving something just after I commit...I bought Fresh Beat Band tickets last November for a March show. He had no interest in the show by December. After the concert he was into it again for about a week!

  4. We were thinking of a Pirate party for our almost 3 yr old.. I loved all these ideas!

  5. That pic it too funny! Talk about mulit-tasking!


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