Chinese Food Fridays

I want Chinese food. Really. As you know, Fridays over at the Bruce home are usually pizza nights. But I've been feelin' chinese food all day and time is creeping by! I look at the clock every few minutes, hoping it's closer to 5:00. Oh, what's that? We're supposed to be reading letters?

Dear Jeff,
Be a dear and bring home Chinese food for dinner. It will help our weekend get off to a fabulous start.

Dear Self,
Get downstairs and make banana pudding. You know you want it. Worry about getting/staying/being skinny next week.

Dear Job,
Sometimes I just love you. Productive days are so nice.

Dear Conference Calls,
You give me anxiety. Everyone talking over each other and never knowing who says what and whether it's your turn or if you should just talk louder, I guess there's the one bonus that if you say something crazy and no one thinks it's a good idea, you can just pretend it wasn't you.

Dear Manuscript I Keep Meaning to Work on,
Help me out here. I need some brilliance or something. Work with me. I hate writer's block.

Dear Independence Day,
Sad you are over. See you next year.

Dear Library,
Please buy new Care Bears DVDs. The ones you  have are really scratched and watching them is painful.

Dear Ash,
I really love the fact that when you sing Jesus Loves Me, you say, "Little ones to be him long."

Dear Linc,
Please stop grabbing at the little table with the vase on it. I know it's the coolest thing, but you touching it can only lead to mommy being sad. Remember when you pulled the super tall lamp over and it broke this week? Let's find something more fun and plastic to play with.

Dear Blog Readers,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys. Really. You are awesome and I'm thankful for you!


  1. Chinese food sounds so good right now!!!!

  2. Found you through the link up! I'm so in the mood for Chinese food now haha, hope you had a nice Independence Day!!

  3. Well, After reading your post I am felling hungry too, ordering some chinese noodles right mow.


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