Happy Wednesday, Loveys! How are we this week? I'm saying, SO WHAT if . . .

I'm overwhelmed by housework and it's only Wednesday. Overwhelmed is not an exaggeration.

I forgot my iPod at home today and I really needed some tunes for inspiration.

I'm super excited that Sara's babysitting Saturday so Jeff and I can go see The Dark Knight Rises!

Feast for Crows is slow-going so far. But I'm determined to stick with it. For now.

My hair needs some attention. I feel like its boring. Know what I mean? I'll probably wait till fall to do anything about it.

I haven't taken Ash to the neighborhood pool even once this summer. I want to, I'm just not sure it's going to happen.

Because of the previous statement, I feel like Captain Moonlight. (In other words, I need a tan.)

I will be eating cereal for dinner tonight. Sadness. I just ate three fat-free cookies to comfort myself.

I need to write about 10,000 words as fast as possible. I'm finding this to be really difficult.

I'm missing book club tonight. I never had time to read the book and Jeff has a b-ball game anyway. But I will miss seeing those girls.

I keep thinking about Drop Dead Diva and how mad I'm going to be if the season ends and again nothing has happened between Jane and Grayson.

I spent A LOT of time organizing and uploading pics on facebook this week. But seriously, once I was finished, I was so glad. It's nice to have everything updated on there. I want to be better about uploading photos of the kids so the family can see them.

That's if for now, my lovely readers! How's the week going for you so far? Is there anything you need to say a big, fat SO WHAT to?? :)


  1. OMG! Drop Dead Diva! I watched the seasons on Netflix and am going crazy now that there's a season that I can't access (I only have Netflix for TV sources). I may have to look into seeing if they're on Youtube!! Love that show!!

    1. I've been hooked on it since season 1! And this season has been great, but I'm about to require more Jane/Grayson action. Seriously! When are they going to move on that?

  2. I'm still considering the 'camping out' option in your living room for the next Game of Thrones season. Where are we at on the HBO go plan? Is Drop Dead Diva available at the library?

  3. I forgot my iPad today. Sad about it.

    Cereal, followed up by cookies was a grand idea in my opinion :)

  4. So what I am in the same boat with ya. I do eat cereal for dinner sometimes and my roots need a touch up bad!


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