Twenty Things At Once

Loveys, I think I'm going in circles. I've been doing the juggling act as of late. Work projects I'm knee-deep in, home projects I'm trying to stay on top of, birthday parties to plan and shop for, and more stuff I can't think of right now. It feels like every spare minute I have--I need to fit about three different things into. It's making me dizzy.

As a quick recap of our weekend, my sis and brother-in-law watched the kiddos Saturday afternoon so Jeff and I could go see The Dark Knight Rises. It was good and we had fun together, but I will tell you it was a little scary knowing what happened in Aurora opening night. When there were shooting scenes in the movie I literally felt shaky, thinking of the real shooting and how terrifying that must have been for those people.

Sara and I went to Party City and Starbucks Sunday afternoon. We looked at pirate birthday stuff and then had drinks at Starbucks and talked about all the important stuff we needed to discuss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's demise, the Kardashains, every detail of the Batman movie (her husband is an expert on comic books and I always want to know how movies are different from the real story), all the movies coming out this fall, and what our plans are for Christmas this year. We're moving forward with the pirate theme for the birthday, although I feel slightly iffy on the fact that my son's first birthday party ever will be covered in skulls and bones. I want it to be a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme, but they don't have the coolest (or hardly any) decorations for that so I'm having to mix it up with regular pirate stuff. Hence the skulls and bones. Ash is super excited about it all.

It will be kind of a combined party since Ashtyn and Lincoln's birthdays are only 2 weeks apart, and since Ashtyn loves birthday parties and sort of thinks it's her birthday whenever we go to any birthday party. But really, the cake will have Linc's name on it. (I'm sure Jeff and I will have gifts for Ash too so she doesn't feel left out. We went to a birthday party recently and Ash kept telling me that she was turning 4 for Hannah's birthday.) Anyway, I was thinking a pirate party would be fun for all the bigger kids at the party. And I seriously want a picture of Lincoln with an eye patch and a pirate hat. Cute! I've got a little blow-up sword for him too. I'll for sure post pics and give you guys the rundown post-party.

Today, I had a ton of work to do--as well as my two children all day. Not a recipe for productivity. I was lucky and got a couple of hours in during nap time. I remember when I was in the fourth grade or something, the teacher would have us do speed-reading exercises where we'd read for a minute in front of the class and see who could read the fastest. Little did I know how much I'd need those skills! Ha!

When both kids were up later in the afternoon and there was no hope of getting anything done, I packed us up and went to a couple of stores in search of pirate stuff. This is rare for me because going out alone with the kids is one of those things I avoid like onions. We're at this store and suddenly Ash starts flipping out and yelling that she needs to go potty. I start flipping out and have to grab Linc, grab Ashtyn, abandon the cart and run to the restroom. The restroom is LOCKED and has a sign that says you have to get the key from the cash register. Are you kidding me? Linc's bouncing on my hip as I run and drag Ashtyn to the front of the store and get the key that is attached to a huge, long spoon. Really? Is that necessary? Anyway, we run back to the bathroom and I try to hold Linc and tell Ash to hold my legs (instead of the potty of course) at the same time. During all of this, Ashtyn is loudly reminding me to tell her that I'm proud of her for going to the bathroom. So I'm holding a squirming Lincoln and balancing Ashtyn and shouting, "Okay! I'm proud of you!"  Bathroom break over and Mama's leaving with her two little darlings. All I can say about all that is that at least I found a pirate birthday sign while we were there. Oh, the moments of motherhood. We all have them. :)

I can see this is going to be a manic week for me.

For all my menu-planning friends out there, though, this is what I'm thinking for the week:

Mon - chicken salad

Tues - bean and cheese burritos

Wed - cereal and toast

Thurs - meatless spaghetti

Fri - pizza


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  1. Ii am doing Jake and the Neverlad Pirates for Tommy's birthday! I bought the same generic pirate stuff on Sunday thinking it was cheaper than the REAL stuff in the Birthday Express catalog....wrong! So now I am returningbthevstuff to Party City since I got a better deal online at birthday I also ordered a Jake pirate costume for Halloween, and the $30 coupon I had from the catalog came in if you want the authentic stuff, which I did not care about until I realized it was cheaper even with shipping.

    LOL about the potty episode! Also at Party City I had to ask where the bathroom was when Tommybhad to go and it was unlocked at least in an off limits area, but we were allowed to use it at least.


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