A Little Nostalgia and Crocodiles at Bedtime

It's Friday. We made it. How was your week? Great? Awful? Today was a really tragic hair day for me. I'm not sure what's up with my hair, but whatever it is, it's not cool. Also uncool: the fake pirate tattoo I put on for Linc's birthday party that stayed on ALL week. I had to make sure it was covered up at work since having two pirate swords on my upper arm is slightly out of character for me. I know some girls can pull off the tattoo look really well. I am not one of them. But as I've told you, my jeep doesn't have air conditioning, and I had to pick up Ash from daycare today. It was a million degrees so I had to take off my pink shirt over my black sleeveless top and just rock the tattoo along with my work outfit at the daycare. That's me: pirate mother of two.

When I opened the door to Ash's classroom, she comes running up to me and pointing at the side of her head, she can barely talk she's so riled up. "Mommy! Brandon touched me here. Can you be mad at him? Can you tell him, 'Bad Brandon'?" she asks loudly. We say "Bad" to everything that hurts Ash. Inanimate objects. Lincoln. You get the picture. But no, I didn't say Bad Brandon. I just ushered her out of the classroom to the jeep, at which point the side of her head got lots of kisses and love from Mommy.

So it was pizza night at the Bruce's. Thank goodness because I'm still not into cooking at the moment. Jeff rented that movie The Dictator with Sasha Baren Cohen. He tells me, "I think you said you wanted to watch this one so I rented it." Um, no. There is not a scenario where I would ever tell him that. So he's downstairs watching it and I'm blogging and talking to you guys. Works for me.

So I'm feeling a little nostalgic at the moment. I think it has to do with the fact that my birthday is Sunday. Gosh, really? I'm turning 33. I had this moment today where I turned on the new Alanis Morissette CD (that my mom sent me!) and started dancing with Lincoln in the kitchen. The boy loves music. So he's just holding on to me like he's in heaven and I had one of those moments where you just feel thankful.

I think as we get older, it's easy to question whether we are where we want to be. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But isn't it great when you can have a moment where you absolutely want to be where you are? Holding my son and dancing in my kitchen--it was where I wanted to be. He's that perfect size that just fills your arms, and I thought, This moment is a dream come true. It's not even a dream I knew I always had. But it was there. And holding him makes it reality.

Experiencing those moments as my birthday rolls around is good for me. It helps me feel rooted and satisfied with the choices I've made in my life. They've brought me to this place where I've got my kids and my husband and my home. And without a doubt, those things are what matter most to me. Other things matter too, of course. But only second to those three people.

Speaking of those three people, I just had to run to Ashtyn's room. She was standing at the door (it's bedtime and her lights are off) and told me quickly that she'd seen a crocodile in her room.


  1. Happy early birthday girl! Good luck with the "crocodile" haha so cute!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  2. What a sweet post! I love those moments you were talking about. When you feel as though, for a brief moment, everything is exactly how it should be and you're able to count your blessings. So glad you got to experience one today :)

    Good luck with the crocodile hunt. Hopefully you were able to contain him to the bedroom ;) xoxo

  3. Happy birthday! Good luck with the crocodile! ha!

  4. The crocodile, so cute! I'm a new follower from the Weekend Blog Walk, and I'd love a follow back at at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com when you get the chance! :)


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