Ahoy, Mateys! . . . A weekend recap!

Well, shiver me timbers, how are my loveys today? :) Lincoln's first birthday party was yesterday and it was a success! While I was praying it wouldn't rain, it ended up being really, really hot. The kids kept running inside with flushed faces. Which was okay. At least they got to play outside. The Jeffster and I were up late Saturday night, putting up pirate decorations and wrapping presents. But everything went well Sunday. Of course, you know how birthday parties for kids are: by the time everyone leaves, Mom and Dad are ready to pass out. But you gotta do it sometimes and a first birthday party is a must.

I'll post some pics and then come back later once I've gotten some from my sister. Sara's camera is way cooler than mine and she got some great pictures! Below are pictures of our pirate decor and the cake and kids. I'll attach some pictures later of the food and rum punch (which was awesome and I'll share the recipe!).



  1. omg what a great party for your little one! i love the theme! im glad i came across your blog because its super cute and i'm excited to read more in the future! if you're interested i'm hosting a giveaway with some goodies (starbucks and vera bradly) i think you may be interested in!

  2. What a cute party!! We are thinking of doing a princess and pirate party for our kids next year!


  3. That last pic of the 4 of you is great! But I love the cake pics even more especially the one where you can see a blue tongue! Ha! Glad you had a nice party.

  4. Such a great family picture of you guys! Looks like it was a fun party and rum punch? Gotta have that!

  5. OMG He's such a cutie!
    and I love how you put the life saver on the side of the playhouse. awesome! and his little anchor tattoo... LOVE IT!
    your family's so gorgeous. for real!!!
    I'm glad it didn't rain and everything turned out so awesome. Happy Bday Linc!

  6. ahh super cute party! Way to go Mom!!!


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