Coming Up for Air . . . And a Few Letters

So I'm coming up for air from my work project (gasping is more like it). How is today my deadline? How did it get here so fast? And how did I manage to have a party planned for the same weekend as my deadline? Geez Louise, I don't know. But here I am. Treading water in my own life. Loveys, can I just tell you it's been a rough month for me? If it's not one thing it's a million. My shoulders haven't relaxed in a week! I'm just getting used to the tension.

But it won't last forever. That's the thing about deadlines--you hit them (sometimes) and move on. So I'll turn my stuff in, survive our pirate party this weekend (pray it doesn't rain!), and hopefully the stiffness in my neck will start to subside next week. (Since I'll still be living with Ashtyn and Lincoln, however, there's no guarantee of that. But that's OK. I can deal.) So tonight it's date night for the Bruce's. Jeff and I will have four hours without the kids so we can have dinner and talk like grown-ups. Sounds good, right?

OK, who are we writing to this week?

Dear Daycare Center,
Thanks for the parents' night out (even if you guys are charging an arm and a leg--it's worth it)!
Dear Work Project,
Goodbye for now. Be good for my copyeditor. 
Dear Sunday,
Please, please, PLEASE don't rain. An indoor pirate party will be more stressful than I can manage.
Dear Dance with Dragons,
Gosh, you were the longest book ever but I finally finished you! And thank goodness because my library fines are getting embarrassing.
Dear grandparents who've recently sent my little darlings birthday gifts,
Thank you so much! So thoughtful. We love all of you.
Dear Self,
Don't you think you need new shoes for fall?



  1. Every girl needs new shoes for the fall :) I'm eyeing a cute pair of boots that are calling my name!

  2. You do indeed need new shoes! I myself have recently made a list of shoes I "need" this fall! : )

  3. Love Parents Night Out at daycare! It's cheaper than what I would pay a sitter at least! Sadly, I usually spend the night cleaning though!

  4. These back to school days are way to busy, treat yourself to new shoes.

  5. hoping it won't rain for you!

    Happy Friday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  6. Praying for no rain! And I'll answer the question you asked yourself - YES! You absolutely need new shoes for fall! Gosh, I'm such an enabler! Ha!

  7. that's fabulous your daycare offers a date night!
    the people you trust most and the people your kids trust too.
    I hope you had an awesome date night, those are so necessary :)

  8. I pray it doesn't rain too! Great letters, found you on the weekend walk and now follow. Have a super blessed week!


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