Seafood, Birthdays, and Robert Pattinson

Hi Loveys! So how're things going? I know you haven't heard much from me this week. I'm sure I told you I'm on a deadline right now so I've been editing away over here. Along with that, it was little Miss Ashtyn Noel's 4th birthday yesterday! We had a pretty low-key day. We're planning on celebrating Ash's birthday along with Lincoln's at the upcoming pirate party over here soon. But still! We had to celebrate a little! Besides that, Ash started Pre-K this week (that sound you hear is me sniffling). Despite the fact that she only moved two doors down from where she already was at daycare, Jeff and I were sort of emotional about the fact that she's officially in Pre-K. So yesterday we took cupcakes to Ash's new class and then went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack (if you're wondering why, it's because they have a playland. So it wasn't as much of a nightmare as our last dinner out with the kids. Our only other option was ChickFilA. Playlands are a must). So that went well except that as soon as our food arrived, the winds picked up like we were on a ship at sea. Annoying. But we had fun and then stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Ash had just a few presents at the house. She's all into Doc McStuffins on Disney right now so I got her this doctor kit, and boy, was it a hit. We've all had a million check-ups so far. Last night, she took all her stuff upstairs and after a while we heard her yell down to us, "Don't worry! Kangaroo is OK!" Ha! She was giving all her animals check-ups too.  She gets some sort of gleeful satisfaction when she uses her pretend shot syringe and you say, "Ouch!" That just makes her giggle. If you don't say, "Ouch," you'll get a frown and a reminder to say it.

Anyway, loveys, it's been a busy week for me. I'm trying to get this book project to the place where I want it to be and I'm almost there. Oh, did anyone else see Robert Pattinson on GMA? (Seriously, I know I'm too interested in stuff like the Robsten split.) So awkward! He obviously doesn't want to talk about it. When I start to feel sorry for him though, Jeff reminds me that RPatz is a multi-millionare and he can handle it. :) True. If he's stressed out afterward, maybe he can just fly to the English countryside for a little R&R. But still! It's just awkward to watch those interviews! But how many people are actually watching the interview to hear about Cosmopolis? Yeah. I know. Me either. So who do you think RPatz should go out with next? I'm thinking Emma Watson. They've got the British thing in common. Or maybe Kristen will win him back. She probably needs some R&R at the English countryside herself.

Alright, loveys, must run.


  1. Dinner looks amazing! Playlands are a must, haha i'll have to keep that in mind when ours get a little older! :)

  2. LOL! I was thinking Ash had a Twilight themed bday party! Maybe in a few more years lol!

    I feel sorry for RPat too.. but I'm positive he has smokin hot models lined up at his door.

    And congrats on your big girl starting Pre-K. It is totally an event worth getting the sniffles over. It means next year she's be in kindergarten! and THAT is a transition, but she'll be ready. I think it's honestly more of a transition to the parents than the kids. They are used to having fun with their friends and learning. it's just in a new setting.

    GL mama!

    1. Haha! No Twilight parties here yet. I will admit that Jeff has bought me Harry Potter birthday cakes however.

  3. Did you see R Pattinson's interview with Jon Stewart? I laughed SO hard about his lack of a publicist!!


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