So Sara and I went to the movies this weekend and saw Total Recall. I needed a little mom time away from the house so it was a good idea. There were only about six people in the theater (including us). There was a couple right behind us. So we're watching all the previews and one was for Taken 2, which looks really good by the way, anyway after this nonstop action preview, there's this moment of complete silence. The guy behind us is whispering something about the movie looking good and Sara and I hear the girlfriend whisper back very clearly and seriously, "Oh, I think you're busy that day. Yeah. Remember?"

The movie releases like October 5th! But she already knows he's busy. Oh gosh. Sara and I looked at each other at exactly the same time with exactly the same facial expression--suppressed laughter. It was a great moment.

Anyway Total Recall was good. But watching Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale run constantly and then take a break in order to beat each other to a pulp makes me exhausted for them.

If you don't hear from me too much this week, loveys, it's because I've got a deadline that's coming up and so I'm over here doing the editing thing.

I started thinking today that Linc's birthday is coming up and you know how kids always have pictures of themselves with cake all over them for their first birthday? It occurred to me that I better start introducing him to more solid foods before b-day. We feed him baby food (like in the jars) and those snacks for babies--puffs and that sort of thing that easily dissolve. And formula, of course. The boy had two teeth pop up forever ago and then everything went on hiatus. We've seen zero new teeth. A lot of our friends were giving their babies full-course meals by this age, but we're a little more slow going with it. I was also thinking that Ashtyn was walking at her first birthday party. Today I tried to get Linc to stand and he wasn't into it. You know when they just keep their legs in the air? Yeah. I guess we're going to take our time on that as well. The boy can crawl at lightening speed.

Anyway, a little update on Ashtyn. Today I came in her room and sat on the floor (surrounded by toys). She jumps up and she says in her sweet little voice, "OK, Mom, now you pick up the toys and we'll have a picnic!" And then she goes and sits in the big rocker with her arms behind her head, just relaxing away. I'm sitting there, trying not to laugh, and I say, "Um, you want me to pick up all your toys?" She smiles like an angel as she rocks back and forth. "Yep!" Oh. Just wanted to clarify.


  1. At my Lincoln's first birthday he didn't have any cake because he wasn't into solid food that much. It wasn't until his 2nd birthday that we got a picture of him with cake all over his face. Good luck with all the birthday stuff I hope you all have fun!

  2. New follower here - great blog!


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