Hi Loveys! Sorry I've been MIA this week but my project deadline is Friday, so this little girl has been working during those evening times when she'd love to be blogging. :)  Anyway, let's break it up for a little So What Wednesday. So what if . . .
I've watched Hunger Games approximately three times since I got it.
My bangs are already driving me nuts. I think the answer is more hairspray.
I want to go see my parents but flying alone with the kids makes me so anxious. I've never gone alone with two and since going alone with one is one of the worst experiences you can have--um, two doesn't sound promising.
I need to find Ashtyn one of those white doctor coats for a present. She loves her doctor kit, but the moment we watched Doc McStuffins, she noticed that she doesn't have the jacket like Doc. Great. Ideas?
I am already a little stressed about the pirate party coming up this weekend. All I've been thinking of is fishy appetizers and how I need to find a good recipe for rum punch. (Imagine Capt. Jack Sparrow saying, "But where has the rum gone?!" Ha!)
I will be breathing SO much easier next week when I've hit my deadline.


  1. e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y's talking about hunger games. ok i must get the dvd. i know i must. I didn't read the book, though (yikes)!

    yayy pirate party! I feel like you should have coconut shrimp for some reason. that seems pirate-worthy (and I think they sell them at cosco for like $7 for a huge box lol).

    1. The movie is great but for sure the book is better! And GREAT idea about the shrimp! Thx, Leah!

  2. Doctor's coat:

    Rum Punch:

    Cruzan rum is amazing!!
    Good luck!

  3. Dying to see little miss in her doctor's coat! You must post photos!

  4. I love the Hunger Games movie. The book is better, but I can't wait until the next movie comes out!

  5. I watched the Hunger Games movies almost three times in two days from the Redbox and my husband told me to go to the store and buy it! I feel like that was a win-win ;)

  6. Flying alone with kids sounds awful. My one was stressful enough. Good luck friend!

  7. We're having a pirate party in October.. Can't wait to see the great ideas you have!


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