Sunny Days from Inside

Hello loveys. How's your week going? I was thinking I'd link up for It's OK Thursday. What are you saying "It's OK" to this week?

It's OK . . . that sometimes it's not OK.

It's OK . . . that I had a yummy Cinnamon Crunch bagel and frap from Panera because my sweet friend left them for me on my doorstep as a surprise. Delicious. Thank you.

It's OK . . . that I've worked just about every night this week and have more nights to go till I'm done.

It's OK . . . to be frustrated with how much flights cost right now. Grrr.

It's OK . . . to wish I still had my ruffle shirt to wear to Linc's pirate party. Where are the 90s when you need them?

It's OK . . . that I created a baby shower evite this week that included 83 guests! Let me say again, that's 83 email addresses.

It's OK . . . that I sort of panicked when we got to storytime this morning and I realized Linc's paci was MIA.

It's OK . . . that I'm feeling anxious. We all feel that way sometimes.

It's OK . . . that it was so hot today I started thinking about fall weather and how nice that will be. I'm still loving summertime, I'm just realizing how thankful I'll be when we get a cool breeze.


  1. I so had a ruffled peasant shirt! And I loved it :)


  2. I love Cinnamon Crunch Bagels! Yum!

  3. I agree with the first one but I need to learn that! Love your new profile pic!

  4. hahaha the baby shower evite cracked me up. i had 75 invites sent on on FB lmao. about 1/4 of that actually showed up. And yum crunch bagel sounds AMAZING!

  5. It's OK. You're really doing very great!

  6. It's okay that sometimes it's not okay. <-- PREACH.

  7. Your doing great mama... let me know if you need more caffeine to get that work done. I am looking forward to Linc 1st birthday WoHO!

  8. That is a LOT of guests. Good luck there dear! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!


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