Friday's Letters!

Hey loveys! Do you remember that song Letters by Stroke 9? (I think that was the name of it.) It has this part that goes, "I'm leaving you here, dear, alone with all your letters..."? I seriously hum that every Friday as I'm typing this to you guys!

Alrighty, let's see what's going down this Friday.

Dear Jodi over at Jodi Bean's Blog,
Thanks so much for letting me guest post today! Fun! All my loveys should hop over and check it out here!
Dear Week,
What was up with you? Broken down cars? Teething babies? How about giving this girl a break!
Dear Self,
No, you were not crazy at that mom's play group where no one else saw any mosquitoes but you got a million bites! One landed on Lincoln too. Unfortunately, it looks like your kiddos are going to be the mosquito magnets too. :(
Dear Chocolate Cake,
I'm coming for you tonight.
Dear Ashtyn,
Hello, little one who watches her favorite movies over and over and last night had mommy read the same bedtime story 3 times. You're lucky you're mine because I still do the same thing and I'm all grown up. It's OK to have favorites. :)
Dear Lincoln,
We need some sleep over here, buddy. Just sayin. Oh and congrats on taking four steps in a row! You'll be walking before you know it!
Dear Blog Readers,
How are you guys? What's new with you? Any fun blog posts you want me to head over and read today?


  1. You & Ashtyn aren't the only ones! I re-read my favorite books and love watching movies time and time again!

    Happy Friday!

  2. It's almost time for Andy's teeth to start poking through.... Ugh I have such mixed feelings about it! Best wishes with the teething!

    Have a fab weekend!

    ♥ Shar

  3. hi, thank you for visitng me today & leaving such a sweet comment. I appreciate the sentiment behind it.. although it's no longer on my page (??). The waiting is frustrating but the reward is so sweet. I'm not the only one who waits all month for the 'final verdict' but I'd like to be one of the voices about it... hope you come back and visit me. :)

  4. How I love your Friday's Letters, they always make me smile! I'm a mosquito magnet myself so I hear ya, too bad the kids got that bad luck too, boo!
    Yay for Lincoln's 4 steps =)

  5. Mosquito bites are the worst! I love how I tell the girls to patch and not itch and then it happens to me and I itch the crap out of it lol.


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