Is Summer Over?

Is it? But wait . . . it was 95 degrees yesterday. It still looks like summer. It still feels like summer. I had to water flowers yesterday. And I sat outside for six minutes hoping the paleness in my legs would be replaced with exotic brown. (Sadly, it didn't happen.) Hmm. I've been scrolling through my must-read blog list this morning and everyone is talking about it being Labor Day and summer being over.

Now, hear me. I love fall. It's my fave season. It's just hard for me to feel fallish when I'm sweating. There was this one moment yesterday, however, when I felt myself nearing the crossover. It was when there was Christmas music on the radio station. I'm serious. Now I'm someone who likes to break out her Amy Grant Christmas CD mid-July if I'm so inclined. But that's my craziness. I'm shocked when it's out there among the masses. Also yesterday, as I looked at the huge, one-thousand dollar Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby, the feeling that summer is ending did start to feel real. And then this morning on the news, they were talking about ski season. Like it or not, we're being pushed and pulled into fall. And when the air starts getting cooler and the leaves start to change, I really will be thrilled. I bought this awesome sweater on sale at Forever 21 at the beginning of summer and have been dying to wear it ever since.

Today, however, I'm wearing shorts (despite said paleness).

So Labor Day. What are you loveys doing today? I happened to be born on a Labor Day 33 years ago. Seriously! Isn't that funny? I'm sure my mom heard lots of jokes about going into labor on Labor Day (she probably wasn't laughing). But as for this year, I turned 33 yesterday. Since it was my birthday, we had what I wanted: beef bourguignon for dinner and cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I'm trying to decide whether I feel old or not. My youngest darling sister said something to me on the phone yesterday that made me think maybe I have crossed the line from young to older. She was saying something about some friends of hers and then she said, "I mean, maybe if they had been your age." I just kept listening. My age? Sigh.

I know. I remember back when 33 sounded old. But the closer you get to 30, the less old it sounds. I'm OK with being 33. I probably wouldn't feel that way if I was in a different place in my life, but I'm good with where I am. Still, 40 is on the horizon. Not close, but way over there somewhere. That made me wonder what kind of woman I'll be when I'm 40. I'm the kind of 33 year old who still wants a Hunger Games calendar for her birthday. Who will I be at 40? Well, I'll be the mother of an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old. (OK, that freaks me out a little.) I'll be someone whose been married for 17 years. (W.O.W.) Those are the only two things I know for sure. Who knows whether I'll still be a book editor or still live in Colorado. Probably, but you just never know.

So, I'm entering my 33rd fall season. (Or would it be considered my 34th? What about that first year before you turn one?) I am determined that it will be a really good one. This Labor Day, Jeff and I are just hanging out with the kids. We're going to the mall later and out to lunch and then home when the kids inevitably reach that fussy point. I'm going to dinner with my sister Sara. It's an excellent holiday. And now we're officially in September. What are you looking forward to? What are your hopes for the fall? I'm looking forward to making dressing at Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to hanging my fall wreath on the front door. We already know I'm looking forward to wearing my super cool new sweater. I'm looking forward to wearing my favorite black boots. I'm looking forward to that first snow of winter.

What about you?


  1. I am glad you shop at forever 21 too ~ my dearest friend told me, " Nance we are in our 30's and we still shop at the store we shopped in when we were 18, whats up with that??" I was like mmm I feel 21 aha! I love her!

    Happy birthday friend! I love fall since it is my tie to stay indoor and work on project, scrap book, try new recipes and last but not least add a few pounds!

    Love you Happy 33rd birthday

  2. Happy Birthday! The cake looks delicious!

    I turned 38 a week ago. I feel so old!

  3. Happy Birthday! That dessert looks delish. Thanks for popping by my blog. Isnt Crested Butte a gem? We are loving it.

  4. Amy Grant's Christmas CD is my favorite so when I saw your post--it's the first thing I noticed. Love a girl who can rock Christmas ANY time of the year :) Have a great week!

  5. Happy (late) birthday! I bet at 40 you'll be a fabulous person no matter what you're doing. As someone who lives in Seattle and gets very short summers, I'm trying to soak up every bit of summer I can....but I am wearing boots today.

  6. Happy Birthday (a day late) but I hope today was wonderful too!

  7. I’m totally with you about Fall. It’s 85 today. In Seattle. That is NOT fall! I bought a ton of sweaters about two months ago that I’m dying to wear. I’m 33 and hear the “your age” thing from my little (30 year old) sister all the time! Also, when she refers to the 90s, she says, “You would know!” She was there too! Hahah. We’re spending the weekend at the beach, so I hope it stays sunny, but I want clouds and crips weather Monday morning! Haha!


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