Those Red-Face Moments

Hello loveys. How's your Wednesday going? It's been kind of a hectic week over here. My workload jump-started and the kids have been a handful. We took Lincoln to his well-baby check-up yesterday, thinking all was fine, when the doctor informs us that both of his ears seem to have infections. What?! No wonder he's been fussy. He hadn't been pulling on his ears or acting like he was in pain so we never thought of that. If anything, since we know he's teething, we've been blaming all fussiness on the teeth. Anyway, he's on antibiotics and hopefully that will clear up soon.

It rained all day and I loved it. It rather matched my emotional status, to be honest.

I want to tell you something--my recent, red-face (in other words, embarrassing) moment. So this week there was a girls' night out with the moms group I'm a part of. Excellent. I needed a girls' night out.
We did just a little shopping and then went to this very nice restaurant that I'd never been to before. I mean, it was really nice. And one of my best girlfriends (who was there) told me about how good the bread was. It came with this dipping sauce (see above photo), and she was right, it was fantastic. So anyway, I was there with a new friend of mine (who I like a lot). We've just barely put in our orders and it's like 8:15 pm. Let me preface this by explaining that at my house, we have dinner by 5:00. Sometimes 4:45 if Jeff's home by then. We eat early, I know. And I had skimped on lunch since I knew I'd be eating out for dinner. In other words, this little lady was starving. Really. They serve the bread and I'm just listening to the conversation across from me and next to me and eating bread and dipping sauce and after a while, my friend says to me, "Wow, you must really like that bread!"
The conversation around us stops and I freeze and glance at the nearly empty basket in mortification. My next words are: "Oh gosh! Did I eat the whole basket? I'm so sorry!" The girl next to me says with a grin, "It's ok. You're just . . ." enter hand motion of me eating a lot of bread very quickly.
Um, red-face, embarassing moment. I refrained from eating any more bread (the basket was pretty much empty anyway, my fault) and tried to explain about how I usually eat early and so I was really hungry and unaware that I was scarfing down all the bread and dipping sauce.
I feel like I unfairly have more embarrassing moments than other women my age. Maybe it's just a feeling and not reality. But I seem to continue to have awkward moments (like the one the other night!). I'm guest posting over at Leah's tomorrow and she mentioned that I could write about an embarrassing moment. So I chose one of the worst from my arsenal. You'll have to go over there tomorrow and check out my tragic story. My face is getting red just thinking about it.
Anyway, my dinner arrived finally (so good) and I moved past the embarrassment of that moment. It's a good thing we weren't at a Mexican restaurant! I can seriously put away some chips and salsa.

Hop over to Leah's (here) to read my guest post and chuckle at my humiliation. :)


  1. Lol! You're definitely not the only one who feels like she has a surplus of these moments! And I'm sure I've done the thing with the bread basket once or twice ;-)

  2. lol.. this post is funny - no matter how many times I read it i still laugh out loud! Bread + that dipping sauce - i was doing our basket justice on my end! chips and salsa - dont take me there...


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