Day 3 of October Blogfest

I'm aching all over.

So a couple of days ago I thought I'd use my five-pound weight. You know, just a few curls and lifting the little weight over my head and such. I mean, it's five pounds. No big deal.

Apparently, it's a very big deal to my body. Just about every part of my body is hurting today. I am at this very moment about to take some Tylenol. Maybe some of the ache is coming from the Flu shot I got yesterday. If so, that was one powerful shot. Because I feel like I just climbed Pikes Peak. All that to say--I must not be in very good shape. Let's think about that another time though, loveys. So, if I'm journaling my exciting Wednesday (or not), let's see . . . Here's a day in the life of Brandy Bruce.

So this morning, Jeff woke me up early since yesterday I woke up late. Yesterday was one of those awful mornings where the kids aren't cooperating, I am a third child for Jeff to try to wake up, Ash refuses to eat anything but yogurt, Linc cries for me to hold him every time he sees me, and I get dressed in stages--between brushing Ash's teeth, putting clothes on Linc, looking for Linc's jacket, sternly telling (aka yell) Ash to hurry up and eat her yogurt. Getting dressed is such a disjointed thing for me that I have to make sure I've got everything on before I leave the house.

This morning was better since Jeff made me get up early. But then the ache showed up. Uncool. Anyway, I'm out of breakfast shakes (grrr). So I make a piece of peanut butter toast and eat it while I drive, knowing full well I am covering myself in crumbs.

I get to the office. First thing, I have to write up back cover copy for one of my book projects. Not as easy as it sounds. I sit and think, and write and rewrite, until it's ready and I send it off. Next, I need to review a book proposal that came in. Okay. Next, the galleys for one of my projects came in so I take some time to go through those, then call my typesetter about a change that will take her a little time so she needs to know up front. Now I need apple cider. I go to the kitchen for hot water, where there's another man washing something at the sink. I've worked with him before so I say hello. He says hello and then asks me who I am. Lovely. I tell him my name and that we've worked together before. He asks me if I've changed my hair. I try to help him out and tell him that I was probably pregnant last time he saw me. He asks me if my baby is now 2 years old. No. He laughs a little embarrassed and says, "Well, I guess it takes almost a year for the baby to get here." "Yes," I tell him. "It's a lot of work actually. In fact, you have no idea." His answer? "Well, as a father of four, you'd think I have some idea." After seeing the Look on my face, he quickly amends his comment to, "But I don't, of course." He then rushes out of the kitchen.

Back at my desk and now I've got time to catch up on reading Pub Weekly (it's part of my job). Excellent.

As I'm driving home, I pray for my family and try to focus and feel ready to take care of the kids once I get there. On the way home I stop by the post office to mail the fall package to Miss Toia. I get home. Before I make it through the door, Ash is asking me if she can watch a cartoon downstairs. Just one? Please? Negative. It's nap time. Linc sees me and is crying and reaching for me (I instantly take off my earrings) and I can tell he's obviously exhausted. I take him straight upstairs where he points to the crib--that's how tired he is. Jeff goes back to work. I eat lunch and change and try to decide if I have time to take my own nap before the kids are up. Doubtful. So I decide to blog and tell you guys all about my day. :)
Tonight is Restaurant Impossible (and the presidential debates, I know). I'm super excited about that.  I think maybe Law and Order SVU is on too.
So how's your Wednesday going? 

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  1. Sounds like a busy day. Awkward conversation with that man. LOL. He has NO idea. :) Naps are a must.


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