Genius Child and Going to the Movies

Loveys, I'm sharing with you guys just a touch of my daughter's hilarious genius. Ash has just recently started to actually be able to draw shapes and things that you can decipher (as opposed to large blobs that she says are mommy). She brought this home from daycare yesterday and Jeff and I are basically grinning with pride (and a little humor). It's proudly on our refrigerator. So this morning, she shows it to me while we're at the breakfast table and I say, "Who's that little one way up top?" Ash answers, "That's my baby brother Lincoln." (Precious!) So we learn from Ash that Mommy is the one holding Lincoln (those are long arms, I know). Ash is the tiny person next to Mommy and Daddy. (I'm not sure why I'm the tallest.) I ask Ash what the dark thing is over Mommy's head.
"That's a spider coming down on Mommy's head," she tells me.
Ah. I see. Thank you for clearing that up. If you're wondering whether Jeff finds this beyond funny, you are correct. :) That's okay. I think it's pretty hilarious as well. We will be saving this picture.
Well, the Jeffster's back is finally doing a little better. Seriously, his hips have been so out of alignment that you could literally see one about two inches above the other. (Creepy, I know.) The muscles are finally relaxing and after going to the chiropractor again (twice in one day), he's looking more normal and moving around somewhat better. I'm so glad for this because it's been a really long week of him being in terrible pain.
So Brave is at the dollar movie, has anyone seen it? Would it scare a four-year-old who has seen every Disney movie there is and isn't afraid of dragons? In the previews, there was a clip of a big bear and I'm worried that on that huge screen, the bear might be pretty scary. We've never taken Ashtyn to the movies (though she's watched a jillion at home), so I'm just not sure. I was thinking it would be fun if she and I do dinner out and a movie together. Thoughts anyone?


  1. What a cool picture! Yes she is brilliant! It's very interesting that you're the tallest, I guess mommy is BIG in their lives like that... I am always taller in my daughter's drawings as well!

  2. I thought Brave was a little dark and dramatic for at least the first half of the movie. I would probably skip it for a 4 year old. Just my opinion.

  3. At the dollar theater?! Yay- I must take O&G. Thanks for the info and I am glad Jeff is feeling better.

  4. That picture cracked me up! My son is about to turn 4, and he's drawing people who look remarkably similar. Too fun! And, we've been to the movies three times; all were big hits!

  5. We took a 3 yr old and he was fine, there were some intense moments that I could tell he was a little hesitant about but I don't think it was too bad. Not any worse then some other Disney movies

  6. Oh my! It is absolutely priceless!!!! Love that you get the spider lol


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