Make Up Your Mind!

So I'm feeling ready for the weather to make up its mind. We wake up to cool mornings, but you need to be in shorts by noon (especially if you're in my non-air-conditioned jeep). I'm ready for some coolness that lasts. Not frigidness, mind you (is that a word?). Just coolness. It's too confusing to feel like you're in a mixture of summer and fall. This morning I felt like I was freezing so I called up Jeff and asked him if he wanted to do lunch at Panera. Soup sounded perfect to me. By the time I get there, I'm sweating. Anyway, lunch was good and it's always nice to have some child-free conversation (that usually revolves around said children). I picked up the kids from daycare afterward and Linc was konked out on the floor. Adorable.

I'm going to confess something to you: I own something called Jeggings. There. Laugh if you want to. (I can assure you someone in my house has and his name is Jeff.) Here's the thing, I went to Kohl's the other day and wanted to try on some new jeans. And right there were these jeans that looked ideal (aka stretchy). It wasn't until I'd tried them on and decided I loved them that I noticed the tag read Jeggings. Hmm. I took a closer look. Ah. They are a cross between jeans and leggings. Clever. I am telling you though, I love them. Super cute and stretchy and perfect for wearing with boots. And comfortable! I mean, obvy, it's like you're wearing leggings. Have you tried these things? Jeff reminded me of an infomercial for Pajama Jeans. I don't know if those are the same thing (I hope not) but I'm hooked regardless. Jeggings at Kohls, people. Awesomeness.

*FYI, click here to check out the Kohl's jeggings. Also until Oct 24th, you can use the code UBLOGTEN for 10% off with Kohls.


  1. Totally agree! I made chili for the week thinking "ooo what a way to start October!"
    It's too hot and muggy to be eatin chili!!

  2. Linc is adorable! And do not worry, I also have some jeggings. So comfortable! :)

  3. Panera is my fav!! I love SOUP [chicken noodle is my fave] and I am so ready for cooler weather! Dang So Cal


  4. To me leggings and pajama jeans are totally different- so I'm sure you have the cute kind. Also that lunch looks yummy- what kind of soup!

    1. Broccoli cheese soup! Obviously the most fattening and obviously my favorite! :)


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