Milestone Movie Trip

So Sara and I took Ash to the movies today. And by the way, I thought there was only going to be like two minutes of the scary bear! There are two scary bears and one was a main character! Anyway, we covered Ash's eyes every time a huge, growling, bear-open-mouth session was going on. Ash did pretty well for her first-ever trip to the movies. She did get kind of squirmy. And letting her wear her sparkle, light-up shoes was probably not that smart of me. Flashes of light kept coming from where we were sitting and Sara would quickly try to cover Ash's shoes with her jacket. The popcorn and candy were a huge hit with Ash, no doubt about that. Speaking of movies, Ash is on a Madeline kick right now. Do any of you have little girls who like Madeline? Well, we rented this one from the library and it's been perfect for this time of year. It's a good one for little kids (not scary).
Halloween's getting closer and I know I need to hurry up and decide on a costume for Ash. Today she changed her mind and told me she's going to be a kitty like Georgia. Linc is going to be a little vampire. I really wanted him to be a pirate, but after his birthday party, I realized that there's no way he'll keep the hat on for more than a second, so that's out. I found this vampire outfit for about four dollars that does not have a hat--so I went with it. It's pretty cute, but I'm thinking he may just look like a tiny tot in a suit if you don't look closely. We'll see.
What does your family do for Halloween? Trick-or-treat? Stay home to pass out candy to the kiddos? Go to a fall festival somewhere? Ash had a blast last year trick-or-treating, so I'm sure we'll do that again. But I also like being home to pass out candy and see all the adorable kids in their costumes. (I do get annoyed with the teenagers walking around holding pillowcases to fill with candy.) We usually turn on one of the Harry Potter movies. I'm thinking this year I'd like to make caramel apples. I'm not talking about dozens to hand out, just enough for the family. I've never made them before and I want to try. Any advice on how to do this?

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  1. Glad to hear that Ash did so well at the movies. I am taking my son next month to go see Wreck-It Ralph. It will be his first time to see a movie in the movie theater.

    I loved the Madeline books and movies when I was little. My son really enjoys the books, but he doesn't care for the movies. We have been watching children Halloween movies since he is so into Halloween right now. I'm not a big fan of trick-or-treating (just my own moral issues), but I think we will be going this year to a few houses in the neighborhood. My Lincoln will be going as a Robot this year.


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