So What Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've linked up for this one so I think it's time to get back in the groove. This week I'm saying "So What" if . . .

The minute I started to write this, Lincoln woke up crying from his nap. So this is now being put on hold.
The "healthy" lunch I had today of sandwiches and chips (yes, I said sandwiches, as in two) was probably about 1000 calories. I am not kidding. I'm trying not to think about it.
My new fall centerpiece is comprised mostly of pine combs I found in my backyard.
Lunch today was a bad decision. Oh yeah. I'm not thinking about it. I forgot.
I'm feeling a tad nervous about my next editorial project. Maybe even more than a tad. What's a step up from 'tad'?
I'm not really someone who tans, but I think I need to make an exception. We've barely entered fall and I'm looking like Snow White.
I really hate that Jeff's back is hurt and he is in so much pain.
It's making me a little crazy that Ash won't cooperate at nap time right now.
My computer is being slow right now and it's enough to drive anyone mental.


  1. Slow computers are the worst! I think your skin is beautiful even if you say it is "snow white".

  2. I think after "tad" comes "a fair bit." After that, I would go with "a reasonable amount" followed by "a good deal."

    That centerpiece is super cute!


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