So What Wednesday

How's your week going? This week I'm saying, So What if . . .

My obsession with cheesy Doritos is not waning. But it must! I've got all that Halloween candy in my future!
Sometimes, I feel like I never have enough time.
Ash's Halloween costume is still in the discussion stage.
I absolutely could not sleep last night because of the wind. It was so frustrating!
So far this week I have accomplished three small things that I've needed to do for a while. Small or not, it feels good to have something to cross off my list.
I think watching the debates gives me anxiety.
I am ready for the election to be over with.
I put Christmas movies on hold at the library today.
My bangs have reached the uncool stage.


  1. Oh Halloween candy, I can't wait!!

    1. I love Doritos too! I even hate to buy them because I go by the kitchen and have a couple. Then I go back to the kitchen and have a couple more! Ha! Then the bag is mysteriously empty! Wonder why?!


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