Thursday Thoughts and Cake-Baking Tips

I love the Food Network. Seriously. So today I was watching the Barefoot Contessa and I discovered something I feel I should have known a long time ago. I like to make cakes, the 2-layer kind that look so pretty in a glass covered cake dish. Well, Ina was making this cake and she mentioned that you should flip the bottom layer over so the flat side is on top. Then place the second layer on with the bottom facing down, that way the layers lay flat. I was just watching her and thinking, How on Earth have I never heard that before? It looked so much easier to frost. Now I've got to make a cake this weekend to try it out. Am I the only person who did not know this important cake tip? I will definitely be doing it this way from now on.

Anyway, when it comes to the Food Network, I am such a fan. But watching it makes me unavoidably hungry. Usually, hungry for fried foods (especially if I'm watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). After watching Paula Deen make some sort of butter toffee cake today, I am so craving dessert. (Also, whenever I've watched Paula Deen, I catch myself sounding like the girl from Texas I am. All my ya'lls come back out.)

Well, ya'll (speak of the devil), it's Thursday and I'm still achy all over. I'm thinking it was the shot. I just hope I feel better as the weekend gets here. I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday (that means dessert is in my near future). Jeff and I watched the debates last night. I really wasn't sure whether I wanted to. You guys know that I do not like watching awkward realness. But I was surprised by how interesting it was and that I actually really enjoyed watching it. So I'm thinking I'll watch the others (even though I will most likely have already mailed in my ballot by then).

(Just FYI, I am sitting here, trying to think of things to type in order to avoid going down and cleaning the kitchen. I've had to sweep the kitchen floor approximately five times today and it needs it again.)

Oh, here's something. There are these pots on the Barefoot Contessa website that I love. What do you think? (Crate and Barrel) Cute, huh? I think they're adorable.


  1. I love that color green! So cute. Thanks for the cake tip, I had never heard of it either!

  2. That cake looks so delish. You wouldn't mind if I were to just stop by. Unannounced. Hungry for cake. Would you?

    LOVE the pots. I use my dutch oven A LOT. About twice a week. The only thing I wish I could change is how heavy cast iron is... it's a workout just to clean.

    Love your post!

  3. Yes those sure are cute! I love the food network too! I now live in Texas ... and I can believe how much the y'all is used... LOL! ;)

  4. Oh yes I learned that about cakes when I took a cake decorating class!


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