What Day Is It?

What day is it? I hear that question many times a day. I think Ash is learning the days of the week at daycare. But half the time she won't believe me when I tell her. Ash: What day is it? Me: It's Monday. Ash: No, it's Saturday. Me: No, it's Monday. Ash: Saturday! Saturday!

So I'm confused and checking the calendar by the end of our conversations. Anyway, it's Monday, loveys, I'm sure of it. How was your weekend? You know mine was spent being cooped up with Jeff's back hurting and such. He's a little better today. I moved our pumpkin outside today since the weather's cooled off. Now that my table centerpiece is on the front porch, I need to find something to liven up my table. Ideas? I need to search Pinterest, I suppose. I'd like to do something unique. I saw this one picture where someone had three vases as a centerpiece, each filled with one color of skittles, but they were fallish colors so it worked--purple, yellow, orange. Really cute and different.


Today I went with Ashtyn in the backyard to find some pine combs and found a huge swarm of bees in the backyard. Scary. Then later, Ash came screaming down the stairs that there was bee in her room. We haven't found it, but I'm thinking she might be telling the truth. There was a bee in our room not too long ago. I screamed and howled and hopped around until Jeff realized the urgency of killing said bee. I have no idea what is up with all these bees around my house but it's unacceptable! Is it bee season or something? I thought they vanished when the weather turned colder.

Speaking of Ashtyn, so today I told her something and she replied with "Yeah," and I said nicely, "Say 'yes ma'am,' Ash." We go through this a million times a day. She usually just repeats it sweetly. Heaven knows why she can't say it on her own to begin with, but it hasn't happened and doesn't look like it's going to any time soon. I'm from the South, so to me, it just sounds polite and respectful and for sure I grew up saying it (Jeff too). Anyway, today after I reminded her to say it, she thought for a moment and then said, "Mom, Lincoln only says 'yeah.'" I smiled. "Yes, but Lincoln only says two words, and one of them is 'yeah.' (The other is mama, if you're wondering.) He doesn't have to say it yet. He will when he's big like you." This seemed like a reasonable answer to Ash. I thought it was funny how observant she is. Really, it would never have crossed my mind, but she's so clever that she thinks of things like that. And I love that about her. Cute, clever little girl.

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  1. She is too cute! Love the centerpieces Bran :)


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