A Brumble Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Loveys! How's everyone doing? Well, we are in full-fledge holiday mode over here. If you're wondering, once upon a time my last name was Brumble. Yep, I was little Miss Brandy Brumble. And we're celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. Today my mom started cooking the corn bread for our dressing tomorrow. We've got the turkey in the fridge. And a ham. A pumpkin pie and a pecan pie are on the dining room table. It's been so great for Ash and Linc to get to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. I just love hearing Ash call out for Grandma or Grandpa while she's running around the house. Sadly we don't get to see each other that often, so I really treasure every time Ash and Linc get to be around my parents. Jeff and I had dinner at our fave restaurant here for the third time in one week. I'm not kidding. Well, one night we just picked it up to go. Still, I'm telling you guys, it's the best teriyaki chicken ever. Last night we went bowling. Osaka and bowling--Jeff is in heaven. My husband loves bowling, loveys. He turns into this person who takes finding the right bowling ball very seriously. It's cute really.

So we've been having lots of fun over here. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings one night so Jeff could watch the UFC fights on TV. It was pandemonium. My little sister and I sat next to him, cringing with every blow. Jeff loved it. UFC is not my favorite, but before we went to BWW, we went and saw Breaking Dawn. So it's all about compromise. Has everyone seen Breaking Dawn? What did you guys think? I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I won't say too much yet. But how did you feel about the ending? Good? Overrated?

Well, a few days have passed since I wrote everything above--gosh it's hard to blog when you're traveling and doing holiday stuff. Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. That is not an exaggeration! It was sooo good. I felt like a stuffed turkey myself once it was all said and done. Black Friday now, apparently, begins on Thursday. So Laura and Jeff and I headed to Walmart at like 5:00 to scope out the situation. Then Jeff ended up staying in one of the lines. My dad came and got in another line, I went home and got the kids in bed and then went back to join Laura in standing in a third line! It was crazy! So many people. There were even police everywhere to keep us from turning into maniac people who were being thankful just hours earlier. :) It actually went pretty smoothly and was a lot of fun and we got things we were hoping to get. After the rush ended, Laura and I continued the madness and went to Old Navy, Kohls, and the mall. People, the mall was working like it was just a normal workday at noon or something. But it was 2 am! Surreal. And frigid, by the way. After all that shopping, we basically came home empty-handed. Did you guys find any great deals? We just didn't find anything that seemed worthy of standing in the check-out lines.

So, fast forward past that exhaustion and move on to yesterday. I had lunch with one of my sweet friends (and former professors!) at a super cute place downtown. I feel like I'm missing something . . .

Oh. Did I tell you Jeff and I bought a car the day after Thanksgiving? No. If you're wondering right now if we flew to visit my parents, you would be correct. And yet, we bought a car (and other stuff for Black Friday). Craziness, I know. However, there you have it. It was a great deal and one we couldn't pass up. Especially since we've been on the lookout for another car since mine currently is held together by scotch tape and makes humiliating rattling sounds everywhere I go. The new one is so pretty and we're excited about it. Though we will be leaving and it will be staying. We're working on the plan to get it to our place.

Despite the fact that we bought a car and were feeling in shock (and poor), Jeff and I went out on a date last night. We have to do these things while we've got Grandma and Grandpa! So we went to dinner and then saw 007. So great!

All of this wonderfulness is just about over and we'll be headed back to the real world. So I've got to stop typing and go be with my family. I'll finish giving you guys the skinny on our trip (or not-so-skinny! Ha!) soon.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Wow you have managed to fit a lot of fun stuff in over the holiday weekend. And a car?! Awesome!!


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