Oh dear . . . another airplane

Loveys, I know it's been awhile. Let's catch up. We had a great Halloween with our little vampire and dragon. My sister came over and watched Linc so Jeff and I could take Ash trick-or-treating. Ash got so excited, at every house we went to, once she got her candy she'd say, "Let's do another one!" Jeff asked her if she'd had enough candy at one point, and she cried out, "No! I've got to look out for Lincoln!" So we continued on, making sure we had enough for her and Lincoln. She told us when she was finished though. (I think the fact that her bag was getting heavy and she didn't want to carry it had something to do with it.) So we had a great Halloween. But Thursday morning, we received some very sad news: Jeff's dad passed away.

Obviously, this was devastating to Jeff and sad for all of us. Immediately we were looking into flights for the funeral. You know what that means, right?


With kids.

Well, we decided pretty quickly that Ash would stay with Aunt Sara, but Lincoln's really a handful, and since he's still under two and flying free, we decided to bring him with us. Here's the thing about leaving Colorado for Louisiana: we're talking freezing to melting in a span of two hours. We left at the crack of dawn--like 4 am, when it was literally frigid outside. So I'm wearing a longsleeved shirt, a very light cardigan, and my black coat. Brrr. We get on the plane (which is freezing) and exhausted Lincoln is sweet enough to sleep twenty minutes on a two-hour flight. There is just so much anxiety when flying with kids.

We hear this kid screaming somewhere. I mean a pterodactyl screech.

Oh wait. That's my kid.

Two hours can feel like a really long time. So we make it to Houston and as usual, it's feeling pretty balmy when we exit the plane. Still, Jeff and I are on a mission. There's a Shipley's donuts in the airport. You guys know that I love Shipley's right? I do. I want to own one. It's my fave and it's a Texas thing. So we buy kolaches and donuts and I'm so, so happy. We carry everything to the gate where I am ready to dive into my bag of happiness. My son wants to run in circles and touch strangers on their knees and point at people. Lucky for me, Jeff is watching him like a hawk since his mother cannot resist glazed donuts and is scarfing down sugary stuff.

We get on the plane (which is tiny) and I'm talking to Jeff and we're getting Linc settled, he's actually so tired he's falling asleep. After we're airborne, I turn to Jeff. It occurs to me that I've just inhaled three donuts like they're going out of style. So I ask Jeff if there are crumbs on my mouth. Yes, he tells me.

Yes? We have been walking around and having a conversation and sitting half a foot from each other, and all this time, he never thought about telling me there are crumbs on my mouth?! What.in.the.world. Thankfully, I thought to ask, or I'd still be walking around with crumbs on my face.

Anyway, I told you the plane is teeny. I told you the weather is balmy. Now it's reached melting. Did I tell you that I'm dressed for Antartica? I did. I'm sweating. Jeff tells me to take off my coat. Maybe I would if I had room to move my arms. But I manage to take it off. Yay. One layer off. Very refreshing.

So it's a really short flight and Linc wakes up as we get closer. And suddenly, quite suddenly, there is a potent smell wafting through the plane. Oh no. I think it was the lack of sleep that made Jeff and me break into hysterical laughter. An awful diaper just goes along with a plane ride. The guy directly in front of us raises his hand to turn the dial up on the air condition blowing on him. I was nearly crying with laughter at that point. The bathroom is microscopic and we're about to land so there's no point in changing him. But I check to see how bad it is.

It's not Linc.

Why that is so funny to me, I can't tell you. But it was. Especially when a few seconds later, another tragic smell hit the airwaves and this time we knew it wasn't Linc. At this point, we're highly suspecting air conditioner guy. If you've ever been on a teeny plane, you know that tragic smells are especially unfortunate. Finally we land.

The guy in front of us stands up and kind of laughs. "Those things happen at the worst time, don't they? It's okay. I remember when my son was a toddler he threw up all over me on a plane once and I had to sit that way for hours."

Jeff and I just nod. But I'm thinking, Um, sir, it wasn't my son. But that's okay. We saw him again in the terminal and we all just kind of gave each other knowing looks. Though I'm not sure what we're all knowing or if we know the same thing. But when Jeff and I glance at each other, we are again laughing.

Oh, flights with kids, ya'll (I'm back in the south remember). It's always something to write about. My father-in-law's funeral is tomorrow so please keep my family in your prayers.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Father in law!
    You are a brave soul! I can't even imagine flying with a child! : )

  2. Thinking of you and your husband's family. So sorry for your loss. Hope all goes well while you are away from home.

  3. So sorry to hear about Jeff's dad. I flew alone with Tommy to my FIL's funeral when he was 16 months. Thankfully he was good. But I looked like there were 12 of us traveling, not 2.

    And I really LOL at the AC guy!!!! Hilarious!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your father in law. Traveling with kids is always interesting!

  5. So sorry for the loss of your Father-in-Law! Thoughts & prayers to your family! xo


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