Uncertainty and Good Friends

To be honest, I woke up feeling uncertain.

I stayed up last night watching the election and they kept flashing this picture on the screen of a bunch of red and blue states, and every time they did that, I would think, We are really a divided nation. For every person who was cheering last night, there was someone else feeling hopeless, like nothing will get better. That means about half the country was cheering and about half the country was feeling crestfallen. All that division can result in a lot of uncertainty. And the weight of all that really hit me this morning.

So I was getting ready for work with all these thoughts in my head (such as, I can’t believe Colorado legalized marijuana. Jeff and I are not the kind of parents who want to raise our kids in a community where drugs are legal. What’s happening?!). Then I walked down the stairs to check on breakfast for the kids, and I heard Ashtyn talking to Jeff. I stopped midway and listened.

She said, “Daddy, I’ll be the princess. You’ll be the prince.” And I could hear them dancing around the kitchen.

And I felt this reassurance that there are things to feel certain about. Like how much I love my kids. This reassurance lifted some of that doubt I was under and brought a smile to my face and I thought, I am so thankful for my children. I think it’s great that we’re about to celebrate Thanksgiving; it gives all those cheering and crestfallen people a chance to reflect on something other than politics. We can all be grateful for what we have and the people in our lives.

As you know, we were at my husband’s father’s funeral this past weekend. It was a really emotional time. My husband wanted to say a few words about his dad, but he wasn’t sure he could. Honestly, I wasn’t sure he could because I knew how much he was hurting. But it was important to him. Jeff has these two best friends that he’s been friends with since middle school. The three of them together—well, they’re just great friends. So both of them drove like five hours to be at the funeral. And Larry, one of them who works in ministry, was actually doing the service.  Jeff has this other great friend out here in Colorado who flew to be there to support him. I can’t even describe to you what that feels like—when people show up for you.

So right before the service, once Jeff had decided he was for sure going to speak, I was standing with him and Larry in the family room. Larry looked right at him and said, “I’ll be standing next to you the whole time.”

I am crying now just thinking about that and how deep that meaning went. How it goes way beyond just one moment.

Jeff did a fantastic job. Today I am so thankful for our friends and family. I’m thankful for God’s unending mercy. I’m excited that we’re moving into the holiday season because it’s my favorite time of the year. If you’re feeling uncertain, or even if you’re feeling relieved, those are feelings and emotions that go up and down. Take hold of the certain things in life—faith, family, friends—and don’t let go.


  1. It was a great service. I love all of you.

  2. I did wake up this morning feeling very uncertain and very scared where our world is going! I'm from Colorado and it blew my mind when I saw the Marijuana has been legalized! It's still a great place to live and raise a family and I wouldn't move for anything!

  3. Great post and perspective, Brandy.

    There are so many slivers of joy that can be seen in uncertainty, tragedy and pain. Our God is always with us. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.

  4. Such a great post! Sometimes I wonder what our world is coming to and how it got this way. Life can be so uncertain especially right now but you are so right, we have some great things to look forward to and in time this will be behind us.

  5. Love you and am grateful for fabulous friends like you, even though we are separated by miles and don't get to talk to or see each other much! You are a wonderful person, friend, mother, wife, sister and writer. Love you! :-)

  6. Brandy,

    What a touching post. It was an honor for Larry to be involved in Jeff's dad's service. And, it's one of those situations when there is the bittersweet blessing of knowing what Jeff's going through.

    I've been thinking about you the whole time. When Larry's dad passed away, I felt sad in several different ways. I grieved that my boys wouldn't know their "Grandfather"...I grieved as I watched the pain that Larry was going through...I grieved at the idea of the chasm between him and his sisters...I grieved at the idea of not having coffee in my pantry just for Larry's dad.

    Also, I'm thinking you and Lincoln should pair up and have a dance-off with the Prince and Princess!

    Much love and lots of prayers to you and Jeff. We love you both!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about Jeff's Father. Having good family and friends to lift you up during this difficult time is priceless. You guys will be in my thoughts. I never heard the election described as you did in this post- uncertainty, perfect word! I never looked it how you did, thanks for opening up my eyes.


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