The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Hi Loveys. How are you? Christmas-crazed? Tired? On a sugar high? Well, a grinch has invaded the Bruce/Brumble/Hanson Christmas this year: the Flu. Laura came down with it first. Then Ash, then Jeff. Sara and Linc are also a little under the weather. I almost wept last night after taking Ash to Urgent Care and then seeing that her prescription was over $200. But you do what you must. I can hear her bouncing around downstairs. Medicine never seems to make her sleepy.

So how are things at your house? Other than the plague over here, I'm just about ready for everything. I've got a few more things to wrap tonight. I'll start making the cornbread for our dressing tonight so I don't have to do it tomorrow. I was at Toys R Us with the other weary parents last night at 9. With all the planning and prep that goes into Christmas, it amazes me that I find myself at Toys R Us the night before Christmas Eve. But there you have it. At least I wasn't alone. My best friend's daughter asked Santa for a gigantic unicorn. :) So during my quick trip to Texas, Michelle and I were on the hunt. Unfortunately, there's not a huge demand for gigantic unicorns this year. This is the first year that Ash has been into the Santa thing and I think it is so fun! It's just magical, really. We're about to make gingerbread cookies to set out for Santa tonight. I should probably also set out some antibacterial hand sanitizer for him, too.

Speaking of Texas, as I mentioned, I just took a very quick trip out there for my very best friend's mother's funeral. I absolutely must say how lovely and fun Jackie Butler was and how much I loved her and will miss her. She's got an irreplaceable place in all my growing up memories, and I'm blessed to have known her. I know she's spending this Christmas with Jesus and that is a comforting thought. It wasn't that long ago that I was in Louisiana for Jeff's father's funeral. It seems that this has been a winter of grieving (for us and so many. I think of the CT tragedy). All the more reason to reflect on the hope that Christmas gives to us. Christmas Day is just right around the corner, it's time to slow down and embrace the real magic that is Jesus. He's truly the best gift of all. I am so, so thankful for Christmas.

A few nights ago I hosted a girls night out/ornament exchange at my house.I had so much fun.

 We went around the room sharing our Christmas memories and traditions. From waking up to gifts dusted with Santa's magical snow, to setting out clean boots for Santa to fill with goodies on December 6th, to a wonderful African Christmas with food to feed all the family and friends, to stockings the size of Texas--the stories were each unique and beautiful. One thing is for sure, we all have these precious memories of what Christmas was like and what we hope it will be like for our kids. Tonight at my house we're baking and cooking and watching movies and getting ready for Santa.

Even the flu can't stop us. (Though it's kind of slowing us down. And causing a lot of runny noses.)

Merry Christmas, loveys! I wish you a Happy New Year! What are you doing tonight?


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  3. Hey! The Grinch tried stealing our Christmas too - the first time my daughter EVER throws up and it's on Christmas Eve night...thankfully she felt better the morning of but the next 2 days sucked, too! I'm expecting her to wake up ready to play and run around! Sorry y'all got hit with the flu. man that sucks! by the way, newest follower from the Aloha hop! woot woot!

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