A Downton Snow Day

Loveys, so you should definitely know that Downton Abbey is about to be coming back on TV this Sunday night. A few days ago we had a snow day here in Colorado and my mother and my sisters and I went and toured this fantastic house in Highlands Ranch. We were definitely feeling the Downton vibe.

So if you're not a BBC fan or you're just not familiar with Downton Abbey, it's sooo time for you to get on board this train! It's fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, I am thrilled to have the very cool Miss Laura Brumble guest posting today. Like Lady Sybill on Downton, Laura is the third daughter in our family. (In the picture below, she's the one on the far left. I'm the oldest, btw. I'm going to work on getting a guest post from Sara soon too) So, Laura's going to give us the top ten quotes (and reasons to love!) Downton Abbey.
Hello everybody! I am super excited to be doing a guest post today, especially for my sister and on the topic of Downton Abbey. I was just recently introduced to this series (by this I mean I watched Seasons 1&2 in less than a week) and I highly recommend it. So much happens in every episode, a dull moment is just not possible. Action. Romance. Comedy. Drama. You name it. Though there are many, many reasons to fall in love with this series, the brilliant characters and all of their personality really make the show. Here are a few of my favorite quotes that will remind us all why we love Downton Abbey!
#10: Richard: I'll be leaving in the morning, Lady Grantham, I doubt if we'll meet again.
        Violet: Do you promise?
#9: Robert: If you're turning American on me, then I'll go downstairs.

#8: Mrs. O'Brien: Watch yourself, Mr. Bates. Thomas is in charge now and it won't do to get on the wrong side of him.
      Mr. Bates: Is there a right side?
#7: Violet: Really. It's like living in a second rate hotel where guests keep arriving and no one seems to leave.
#6: Matthew: If I thought for a moment that I was an argument against your marriage, I should jump into the nearest river.
      Mary: And how would you manage that without my help?
      Matthew: Well, I'd get you to push me in.

#5: Anna: Don't feel sorry for me, Mrs. Hughes, I know what real love is and there are not many who can say that. I'm one of the lucky ones.

#4: Matthew: War has a way of distinguishing between the things that matter and the things that don't.

#3: Violet: It always happens. When you give these little people power, it goes to their head like strong drink.

#2: Violet: What is a weekend?
#1: Matthew: You've lived your life, and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together.
Many thanks to Laura for sharing these fun quotes with us! I am more excited than ever to be watching Downton soon!


  1. Maybe I need to watch this???

  2. I love Downton Abby! Can't wait for Season 3. I enjoyed your pictures, the do inspire the Downton vibe.

  3. "I could never be happy with anyone else as long as you walk the earth." Now there is a quote to add to your list.

  4. I can't wait for Sunday night!

  5. i'm hearing more and more about this show. i tried to watch but couldn't get into the first episode- i think i was distracted with kids though-haha. gonna try again though coz your pic has insired me!!!

    1. The kids will do that to you. I know just what you mean! But if you can get an hour to yourself, you'll probably be hooked! :)

  6. LOVE Downton Abbey! I started watching season 1 over the holidays and it's just so good! I love their clothes more than anything! And I'm super jealous you got to tour the actual house (mansion! palace!)

    1. Oh gosh. I WISH it was the actual house. That would be amazing. But it was just a historic mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Still very fun though. I walked right in and said,"I could be happy here." Sigh. :) Girl, season 2 is even better than season one! Keep going!

    2. Lol omg I swore it was the house. Then I was like wait that's not the outside at all lol. I'm on season 2 this weekend, loving it!

  7. My Mom forced me to watch hours of this show a few days ago. I have to say the first hour was a little rough for me, but it grew on me. I can't say I will tune in on my own, but I'm sure my Mom will keep me posted. Nice to read others who are into it. Love your photos!

  8. Love the pictures and all the quotes! I am a huge Downton fan! :)

  9. We just cut the cord on cable today so I'm thinking that this is the perfect time for me to get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon on Netflix.

    New follower from GFC blog hop!


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