A Sugar Addiction

I'm pretty sure I have one. The kind of sugar addiction where you freeze a candy bar in a moment of strength, and then need to search online the next day to find out how long to thaw it before you can eat it.

I blame Hershey's Candy Cane kisses. They did this to me. Because they only come out once a year, I have to really go overboard during the holidays. Then the withdrawals hit. Which is where I am currently. I've never been one to have great willpower when it comes to eating healthy. I love too many unhealthy things and I don't believe depravation is the answer. Moderation is. If only I were better at it.

So here I am. Feeling like I'm standing at the bottom of a mountain, looking up and knowing I won't reach the top. And probably not as sad about it as I should be because I'm not that outdoorsy and climbing isn't really my thing. Still, I hereby say that I'll start all over again on Monday, trying to be healthier. (I don't think starting things on the weekend is a positive endeavor. It almost always ends in disappointment. Better to aim for Monday.) Next Friday, I'll report back to you whether I did any better in the sugar department.

As for right now, it's Friday and I'm so glad. Jeff's putting the kiddos to bed and we're about to watch The Bourne Legacy, which I'm sure I'll love. I was watching HGTV today and mentally creating a huge list of things I want to do to my house. Does watching that channel do that to you? I always come away from it both inspired and frustrated. I mentioned before that Jeff and I are about to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. We're trying to decide whether to take a short trip to celebrate, or to do something for the house, as a gift to each other. We're leaning toward the gift thing. We're both kind of paranoid about leaving our kids at this point. I think we'll feel better about that when they're older. And they're growing so fast, I'm okay with waiting. Anyway, new floors is one item on the table. We'll probably get an estimate soon and see just how serious that option is. But whenever we start doing house projects, I start watching HGTV. And then I start thinking of colors and patterns and changes and yellow pillows.

I think we need a new bedspread and a yellow pillow. Just sayin.


  1. I have issues with moderation, too. You can't have just one, right?! Haha. Its dangerous to eat anything small or bite-sized, is what I tell myself. Because then you want more! I'd love to have you on Fitness Friday, for health and fitness related posts! http://goingwiththelastingers.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh, watching HGTV is so bad for me. I get all into these crazy projects that look SO EASY on tv, but are really a PIA!
    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. I have an ice cream addiction and no I don't understand moderation when it comes to it. Good luck with your sugar addiction this week!
    HGTV gives me the false sense that I am a DIY pro and I'm not but I do enjoy dreaming about the posibilities :)

    Oh, I sent you an email last week. I'm not sure if you got a chance to read it or if maybe it's in your spam, would you kindly check please? Thanks!

  4. Hey Brandy!

    Followed you from the bloghop. It'd be cool if you followed back :)

    Love your blog!


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