Discouragement and Cold Weather

I mean COLD. It's 7 degrees right now and actually feels like -1. I'm wearing 2 pairs of socks at the moment. The last couple of days have been frigid over here. It's so cold that I wish we'd had more snow. I mean, we're stuck inside, might as well get to enjoy watching snow fall, right? But we've only had dustings. When it's this cold, I start feeling terrible for all the animals outside. And the people who struggle to keep their houses warm enough. And the homeless people and people who live in their cars.  I've started checking on Ash before I fall asleep because she continuously kicks her covers off her. I cannot understand it. I can't sleep unless I'm buried beneath a comforter mound and I've always been that way. But when I go into Ash's room, she's curled up freezing, her blankets on the floor! So I'm having to make sure she's covered.

Anyway, moving on. Loveys, you know those days when you just feel discouraged? That's been me the last couple of days. For several reasons, I've just been having a few down days. I know the sinus headaches and tiredness haven't helped. Also, the kids are going through a "Mine" phase where we're having to really work at sharing. It's a constant thing. I just feel like there hasn't been any peace or quiet in my head for days. You know what I mean, moms. When the only moment of silence you have is when you're in the shower. But today my sis told me something brilliant. I was telling Sara about being down the last few days and she said, "You can only do the best with the energy you've been given." I started laughing at the sheer truth of that statement. It should be stitched on a pillow or something.

I usually counter discouragement with gratitude. If I'm being thankful, I feel less discouraged. But sometimes it just hits you and you spiral. And that's where I've been. Spiraling. I'm going over to a friend's house tonight for some girl time, and that's probably just what I need.

That and chocolate.

Oh, did I tell you I cut my hair? My bangs were driving me up the wall, so it was either trim them to a point where I can stand them, or forever wear a headband to hold them back. :)



  1. I know hownyounfeel about no quiet time. My only quiet time is when I'm taking a bath and sometimes I don't even get that!

  2. It was -2 here today, with the wind chill -8 .... but I'm in eastern Canada, so I wasn't wearing a coat and it's considered warm LOL!!! I can sure related to those discouraging days though!

  3. Blah I know, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that we are nearing the end of the freezing cold weather.


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