Faith and Children

Good morning, loveys! So today I need some help when it comes to faith and kids. As you all know, I'm a book editor. I've been working on this e-book that's all about helping parents strengthen their children's faith. So the topic's been on my mind a lot. And I'm wondering how all you moms accomplish this. Regardless of what kind of faith system you have (Jewish, Christian, etc.) how do you instill that belief system into your children? I grew up in a very faith-based home. So I learned a lot about our beliefs through church and school and just from watching my parents. Of course, I think there comes a point in every person's life where they have to decide whether or not to own a faith for themselves. In other words, there comes a point where you either make those beliefs your own, or you walk away, or you turn to something else. But still, most parents want to pass on their belief system to their kids. That's a natural thing to want to do.

When I was little, my mom bought my sister and me these cassette tapes called G.T. and the Halo Express. They were stories about angels (G.T. stood for Good Tidings) and how they helped these kids during difficult moments (scared of the dark, bike race, bullies). All the songs in the tapes were actually Scripture, so as we sang and learned the songs, we memorized Bible verses. For some reason, this stands out to me as a way that my faith was strengthened as a child. I still remember some of the Bible verses from the tapes. I loved those G.T. stories and they made a lasting impression.

What do you recommend? Are there resources you use to help instill faith-based principles into your kid's lives? Or is this something that you live out in different ways? Is there anything you remember from your own childhood that made a lasting impression? I'm open to all suggestions!


  1. Great idea for learning scriptures, Brandy. I love it. I wonder if these are still available? Maybe I can use them with the Sunday School kids! - Laurie

  2. Hi! My 6 yr old son is very spiritual, actually more so than I am. He has attended a variety of churches of many faiths due to my family coming from different spiritual beliefs. My 6 year old is quick to point out when he feels God has helped guide his life. We talk a lot about our shared over all beliefs and he understands that it's okay for people to believe different things, as long as they are positive. And if there's something we disagree with (such as those who promote any sort of non-acceptance or hate. this was brought up in his life last year with Chick Fil A, and Boyscouts). My son understands that if people or their faith's are different. We understand that everyone is different. We forgive. And we move ahead.

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  3. I use Praise Baby videos from the library (they are music videos with great hymns and popular church songs). My kids love them. We also listen to worship CDs in the car, and say prayers every night before bed. We attend church on Sunday, but my 3 yo won't go to Sunday School like my 1 yo does. (Hopefully this will change soon.) Lastly, I read them Bible stories and print out coloring sheets to accompany the story.

    My husband and I try to be examples of faith-filled parents, because that's the biggest testimony to our kids of all.



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