Friday's Letters

It's been awhile, but here I am again. I had so many emotions today--letters seemed like the safest outlet.

 Dear Week,
Dear Ashtyn,
Waking Mommy up by jumping on her bed and yelling that you want yogurt are not good decisions on your part. Let's work on that. 
You are absolutely the love of my life. But Mommy still needs to use her arms for things other than only holding you. Let's share some of that cuddle-goodness with Dad, okay?
Dear Self,
I think weeks like this happen to everyone. Then again maybe not. Maybe only some of us. I don't know. But even though the discouragement is tough to take, let's hope next week will be better.
Dear Skin,
I know this Colorado weather is hard on you, but work with me here. I went through adolescence once. Not interested in doing it again. 
Dear Self #2,
Let's try harder in the self-control and dessert departments, alright? Yes, I know, there's a chocolate cake in the oven. That's strictly because it's Friday (and because of the week I've had). I'm talking about tomorrow.
Dear Downton Abbey writers,
How could you do that to Edith? Seriously!? If I have to keep watching that awful Branson, you better have some good stuff in store for poor Edith.
Dear Jeff,
Please fix the TV upstairs. Obviously, my inability to control my frustration with channel 60 (that doesn't exist) has not significantly registered with you. It's. Making. Me. Crazy.


  1. Hey I'm in Colorado too! What part you from? Looking forward to warmer weather this weekend huh! Hubs and I are actually going to go hiking!!

  2. I know- I was so super sad for Edith! I hope your weekend proves to be better than your week. We ALL have been there girl. It will get better!


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