It has begun.

What am I talking about? Demo, people. It's begun at my house. Remember Jeff and I were thinking we'd do new floors downstairs as our anniversary gift to each other?

I'm afraid,

Just kidding. :) Jeff's actually amazing at home projects and I know he'll do a great job. I've got faith in the boy. But for all my friends reading this, sadly the Bruces are out of commission for the next few weeks. How we're going to do this with kids in our house is a mystery to me. (Hint hint. Please invite us over for playdates!) But I'm excited for the finished product. For now, we're a demo zone.

So how's your week going? We've had snow and freezing temps this week so we're playing indoors.

Sometimes being home all day with the kids makes me nuts, but it has its moments for sure. I love getting to stay home on days like today, when it's super cold outside. I made a breakfast casserole this morning and we watched cartoons and then Hotel Transylvania (so cute!) before nap time. I had this moment where I just thought, Thank you, God, for these kids! They are such a joy. I really love being Ashtyn and Lincoln's mom. (That's not to say there wasn't a moment when the kids burst out crying from bumping heads while both trying to take over the tent in the living room, or the moment I came into the kitchen and found Ashtyn's cup turned over, a pond of prune juice [which we've nicknamed chocolate juice so she'll actually drink it] under the table. But you know, that's parenthood. Gotta love it.)
The problem with being home is the snacking. Do you struggle with this? On days when I'm home all day, the snacking monster takes over my body. :) Which CANNOT happen right now because I'm supposed to be I'm currently on my oxygen diet in order to fit into my wedding dress for the vow renewal! In fact, the dress went to the cleaners today. The clock is ticking, loveys.
You know, I thought I'd join up with It's OK Thursday today. It's OK . . .
That my house looks like it needs warning signs and hazard posts.
That every single Red Lobster commercial is making this diet impossible.
That my wedding dress will be very slightly snug.
That I am really excited to renew my vows. It means a lot to me.
That my bangs have already grown out too much. Grrr.
That this weather is wreaking havoc on my skin. Need.More.Lotion.
That things don't always work out like we plan. It's going to be okay. I know it is. (I mean, unless you're Sybil on Downton Abbey.)



  1. That is very cool that you are renewing your vows especially in the same dress!

  2. I am cracking up that you call prune juice chocolate juice!!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. My skin has been sucking the life out of my lotion bottle. LOL I've been struggling with snacking too! So what I always do know is to make little snack bags with one serving each. It also makes counting calories easier and portion control much more manageable :)
    Found you on the Link up and I'm now following!


  4. Love your blog! And yes, the snack monster hates me too. But I read somewhere, that we're supposed to eat berries and apples EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and that's stuck with me this winter. Those are my snacks :-) It must be helping because I'm not gaining weight. YET.


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