Say it isn't so . . . really. A "Downer" Downton Recap

If you missed Sunday's episode of Downton, you should click away now because we're talking spoilers. I am still reeling from what happened. Please, please, please tell me they didn't take away my sweet, interesting Sybil and leave me with Branson and a poor infant who it sounded as though will be fed orange juice and honey.

They did.


I just kept sitting there, waiting for her to awake from the dead and it didn't happen. How on earth could they kill Sybil? They should have just left her in Ireland for that matter. Honestly, she's the sweetest of the sisters, she's got an interesting storyline, and now ... she's gone. I can't believe it. We're left with Edith's gripping storyline of writing an article. And Mary (along with Matthew) who is obviously freaked beyond measure that she's not pregnant yet.

I honestly don't understand the logic here. I've been hoping Branson would hop back to Ireland, now I doubt he'll go anywhere. You know the Granthams will fight to keep that little baby. The next big war will be whether the baby is going to be Catholic. (That sounds about as gripping as Edith's article.) Obviously there are going to be some problems for Lord and Lady Grantham. She blames him for Sybil's death, as do I. He didn't want to offend the doctor. Really!? I felt so, so terrible for Cora. I used to just love Lord Grantham. But his character is losing steam. The whole thing was awful. Now we're down a sister, which should never have happened. I think they took a really good character from the show. So they better pick things up with Edith and Mary. I also think Mary needs to let up on Edith. Why does she have to act like they can never get along? Mary won. She's got the great guy and all that. I think she needs to forgive and move on.

As for Daisy, is anyone else annoyed with her? She's being so mean! And I almost feel sorry for Thomas (but that's impossible), because trouble is headed his way in some form, if not trouble, major rejection. I was glad to see a teensy bit of humanity in him since he grieved so hard for Sybil. I'm wondering what will happen for Thomas if Bates is released and comes back to his position at Downton. And can someone remind me what Mosely's job is now? He's permanent at Downton? It seems like Vera must have really killed herself. To be honest, I thought the story was more intense with the possibility that she was murdered, but we'll see what happens. Anna's so sweet, I'll be glad for her to be reunited with Bates.

Well, regardless of my feelings that Sybil should not have died, I can assure you of one thing: There's no way I can stop watching! I've got to know what happens with her baby!

Loveys, on a different note, here is more tragic news. The wearing of the wedding dress at the vow renewal is in no way certain. Perhaps I can live off water and lettuce until then so the dress will fit. Knowing my love of sugar, that's just very hard to believe. I'll keep you posted.
Last night I was feeling the sisterly vibe since I'm one of three (like the Grantham girls) and can never imagine there not being the three of us. Honestly, one of the hardest moments for me during the show was when Mary said that it would be the last time the three of them were in a room together.
So I'm leaving you with a picture of the Brumble girls. :)

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  1. you! Completely agree with your commentary about the show. I cried. I was just reminded of how dangerous childbirth used to be. For mother and child. I took extra long looks at the kids last night, just so grateful they are all healthy. Truly a miracle by itself.


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