The Repeats of Life (and Vintage Toys!)


That was the question that ran through my mind at Target yesterday as I walked past this display. Really? Weren't acid/stone-washed jeans a bad enough idea the first time around? I mean, what in the world? I'm sorry, you guys. I just think that those jeans belong in the pile with fanny packs and Walkmans. In other words, the 'do not repeat' file. But I'm beginning to think there is no such file. Or if there is, it's a lot smaller than it should be.

I guess as we get older, we keep seeing cycles come back, trends repeating themselves, and so on. Some things have stayed along the wayside, but lots of things seem to show back up. Despite my feelings on stone-washed clothing, if you can rock those, well, sigh, more power to you, I guess. :) I have a confession of my own to make. For Christmas I got a pair of red skinny jeans. I wore them hesitantly, to be honest, hoping I didn't look like a woman who had just forgotten that she was well passed her teens and was now on her way to a Justin Bieber concert. But really, the first time I wore them, I felt a whole lot more like a woman who was channeling Mrs. Santa Claus.

Since then, I've gotten used to them and really like them. Whether or not I'm rockin these jeans like they should be--well, who knows. I feel very certain I need to be hopping on my exercise bike more than I have been, which is never. I was inspired by one of my cousins. She's older than me, absolutely gorgeous, and I saw a picture of her wearing hot pink jeans. She looked amazing. So I went for the red. I remember for the longest time I wouldn't even wear skinny jeans. Now I love them. :) So be bold, moms. Don't be afraid of red, skinny jeans. (But do be afraid of stone-washed. J/K!)

Like I said, some trends and fads seem to repeat themselves, but not everything. Is there anything you wish would come back? My sister and I are all about tracking down things we used to love on eBay or Amazon. I love to be able to let Ashtyn play with toys that I used to play with. When I was at my parents' house over Thanksgiving, I found a bin with lots of our old toys, toys like the ones you can see below. I'm not kidding when I say this was a thrilling find. But honestly, I'm not letting Ash play with the Cherry Merry Muffin dolls until she's a tad older. I have the whole set and she's got to recognize the importance! :)

I think I've been feeling nostalgic because, for Christmas, Laura gave Jeff these 90s compilation CDs and since I've been driving his car lately, I've been listening to them. Suddenly I'm back in Conroe, Texas, my permed hair blowing in the wind. (Ha! :)

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