Downton Abbey--what in the world?

If you haven't seen the finale of Downton Abbey yet, look away fast. If you have, you're probably feeling that sense of satisfaction . . . wait. I mean devastation. Season 3 ended on a tragic note. TRAGIC.

Um, what just happened here? Seriously . . . was another baby born to the Grantham family, followed by the hasty death of one of the parents? Why does this keep happening? Well, the short answer is that the actors keep wanting to leave the show. The grass is not greener, folks! Stay put. It's hard for me to want to go back and watch the first two seasons (that I love), knowing all my fave characters have such short lifespans. I really think they should have just replaced the actor playing Matthew, rather than kill him off. Yes, it would be an adjustment, but there are other cute talented British actors out there. It took so long for Matthew and Mary to get together, and it ended so soon. I am disappointed. And yet Tom will live forever! While I feel his character is getting a little less annoying to me, I would still like to see him move on from Downton Abbey (at least to the village).

Other than the tragedy of Matthew's death, I enjoyed the season finale. But Edith's storyline continues to need work. The whole "Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre" storyline feels too familiar. Why can't they add some spice to that girl's life that doesn't include men with crazy wives and men too old for her? I sure hope they pick up the pace with her next season. I'm wondering if Anna and Bates will have a baby. I have no doubt next season will be about Mary finding a new love interest (there are rumors of an American). But we'll all still be brokenhearted over Matthew! At least there's an heir for Downton now. Geez Louise, isn't it crazy how much pressure there was back in those days for women to have sons? I can't imagine.

I really feel like this season had too much heaviness. Sybil's death was traumatic. Edith's being jilted at the altar was so hard to watch. And now losing Matthew . . . it seemed like a dark season. There were good moments, of course. I loved seeing how sweet Matthew and Mary were together. But, um, hello! Talk about brief! Do you think maybe they should have just ended with three seasons and left Matthew and Mary happily ever after? I guess we'll just have to wait and see if season 4 comes back strong. It sounds like the time frame will be six months after Matthew's death. So we're skipping funerals and all that. I'm just sad that season 3 ended on such a horribly sad note. Matthew, I'm going to miss you.

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