Recipe! Happy Heart Rice Krispie Treats

Happy Sunday! So you know I'm a fan of Rice Krispie treats. And my husband is a real fan. He loves those things. This recipe I'm sharing is great for a Valentine's Day treat, but it's yummy enough to be an anytime-of-the-day/year/month treat! As you can see, I cut them up into squares, but the original recipe said to use heart-shaped cookie cutters (if you're using them as a Valentine's treat). First, make the treats. If you don't know how, here's the lowdown:

Melt 3 tbls butter in a sauce pan (I used unsalted butter).
Then add 4 cups marshmallows and stir till they melt.
Then remove from heat and add 6 cups rice krispies cereal .
Then pour into a greased pan (13x9 glass) and pat down with a greased spatula.
Let cool.

Okay, melt two cups white chocolate candy, and in a bowl or pan, melt 1/4 cup red candy (I bought cherry chips). Pour the white chocolate over the rice krispies and then sparingly drop dots of red melted candy. Use a toothpick or knife to make swirls of red through the white.

The white chocolate with the Rice Krispie treats is amazing. So good.

Also, I made cupcakes for a Valentine's party we went to. As you know, the way to make ordinary cake-mix cupcakes look snazzy is to put the icing in a ziplock bag, cut off a tiny corner, and use that to make the icing look special!

At the Valentine's get together, my friend had arts and crafts for the kids. They made their own little stained-glass picture frames. You put them together like mosaics and I thought it was totally brilliant. All you need is a picture frame, clear glue (the school kind), and beads or pretty stones. Take the back off the picture frame so you only have glass and the frame. Smear glue all over the glass, then let the kids put the stones and beads wherever they want. Once they've dried, you've got these beautiful mosaics that look great propped up on a window.

(Oh and here's one more anniversary pic since this treat is all about the love!)


  1. Mmm these sound delicious, I'll definitely be trying to make me some of these!


  2. Lovely picture and yummy treats
    Leila xx


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