The Whole Live World

So I keep wanting to jot down things that Ashtyn says right now, because I'll never remember them if I don't. She tells me all the time that I'm her "best mommy in the whole live world that she's ever loved." :) She says "in the whole live world" about all kinds of things and it's just too cute! She had ice cream today after lunch and was holding up the bowl to drink down the last remnants, and I told her to stop. She points to the little bit of chocolate syrup on the bottom of the bowl and says, "But it's just a little tasty, Mommy!" She's going through somewhat of a "brother bothers me" phase. Which I know is normal. She doesn't like for Linc to play in her room (mainly because he wants every toy that she's currently playing with). But they have their moments. The other night Jeff and I were watching our wedding video and Ashtyn came downstairs and was loving the fact that Mommy was dressed like a princess in the video. Then she started saying that when she's grown, she'll get married. When we asked her who she'll marry, she just sighs and says, "I guess I'll marry Prince Lincoln." So cute and sweet. :) She didn't seem too thrilled, but then, Linc's not at the top of her list right now. Really, I absolutely love the hilarious things Ash says. This age (4) is just such a time of learning and processing and it's fun to hear how she processes things. She says, "Right, Mom?" after almost every thing she says! We're working on her letters and learning to write her name (very much a work in progress) and basically getting ready for kindergarten next fall. It baffles me that she'll be in kindergarten. They're not kidding when they say time flies after you have kids. She loves to dance and sing and play chef. :) Last night she said, "Let's play Chopped!"

Linc is trying to talk so much more now. He's trying to say sister and Ashtyn. He tries to copy lots of words if we work with him. He runs everywhere, and is trying to eat with a fork. He won't give up the bottle though. He's like, Don't even try. Give me my bottle.  :) And we're not rushing him. He's starting to get attached to his blankets, which he calls B. He's got such an adorable giggle. But he's not the sort to be pushed around. He'll fight for what he wants. (I see trouble in our future.) Mostly he's just a lot of fun. He's at that busy stage though, so we spend lots of time chasing him around.

Well, loveys. The demo is still going strong here and Mommy is ready for it to be over. It's barely started, I know. But I'm hoping it ends very soon. I'll keep you posted on our progress.


  1. Bran, I love posts like this!! They are precious and their sayings are just too cute.

  2. Kids always say funny things! My boys say them all the time. Thanks for sharing what Ashtyn said with us. :) Lincoln is so cute!!!!


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