Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, Loveys! How are we this morning? Well, as for us, we're still living in a disaster zone, but I'm hopeful a lot gets accomplished today. All this dust is giving me a headache. And the kids and I are almost to our limit of togetherness time.

Yesterday I took the kids to a friend's birthday party, sans Jeff because he was knee-deep in our project. I've decided I don't like taking the kids places when Jeff isn't there to help. I was so overwhelmed by my children. All the gifts were under the table. Imagine my son running and diving right into them. That's right. Beautiful birthday bag, here comes Lincoln to crush you. I pulled him out, horrified and looked with wide eyes at the girl next to me.

"I didn't see anything," she said with a smile.

I don't know how single moms do it, but I think they all should get awards and free cruises or something. Juggling the diaper bag and my purse and both kids makes me feel a little crazy. That's how I was feeling as I drove home. Jeff is almost to the point where the project is making him crazy. Too much crazy is obviously unhealthy for a family. Not to worry. Like I said, a good chunk should get done today and then maybe we'll feel more normal. Plus, there's the anniversary to look forward to this weekend! Can't wait! (Except that my diet has gone the way of boomboxes and Lisa Frank stationery and cassette tapes. In other words, it's left the building.)

We've got the hotel room booked, the wedding dress is at the cleaners, I somehow found some white shoes in the dead of winter, and now all I need to do is be hungry for the next five days. I can't wait to take some fun pictures with Jeff and the kids, and then actually have a kid-free night. Aunt Sara and Uncle Nemo will take care of Ash and Linc, so I know the kids will be fine and have a blast.

The laundry room was out of commission for a couple of days because of all the demo. In other words, Mount Whites, Colors, and Towels is looming over me. There's a lot of folding in my immediate future. Have I mentioned how much I dislike folding?

On a brighter note, wasn't Downton good last night? I love those sweet moments between Matthew and Mary. But gosh, in the previews for next week it looks like conflict is headed for Matthew and Robert. It was good to see Robert and Cora start to grieve together. Edith's storyline continues to need some help and I'm really wondering whether Branson will ever leave. What did you think about him calling the baby Sybil? I sort of agree with the dad that saying her name all the time will be painful. But I guess in the long run, it's a nice tribute. I'm anxious for next week's episode! Hey, is anyone watching that new show The Americans? Jeff says we absolutely cannot add another show to our line-up on Wednesday night. But I thought it looked interesting.

Alright, Loveys, here's wishing you a great week!


  1. Hope the dress fits!!! You will have such a nice time celebrating your anniversary.

  2. I will never know how single moms do it, either. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary! P.S. My diet has also left the building...if that makes you feel any better. :)


  3. One day you will look back on those moments at birthday parties and wish for them again. Just love on your little ones. As for Downton, I cannot believe Sybil is gone. Heartbreak.

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