Why do we blog?

So I was talking with our director of book publishing the other day about blogging--we're all about encouraging our authors to blog and that sort of thing. I think some people don't realize how much time goes into building a blog and gaining followers and how hard it can be. Maybe for some people it's easier than others--they have a great design and a fantastic voice and people flock to them. Must be nice.

Then are the regular people like me.

I'm not very tech savvy. It took me like a hundred years to put together that header and my blog buttons. (Only a slight exaggeration. Days.) I suppose I could have paid someone to do it, but when you're just starting out, it's hard to invest money in something that you have no idea whether it will work or whether you'll quit after months of rejection by readers. Then once you start, it can take a while to find your voice. It did for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm still finding it. Then you need to have time to frequent other blogs. Lucky for me, I'm a big reader. So reading other people's blogs and commenting wasn't a chore. I like doing it. It's just time consuming. But I do think you have to read and comment to gain readers, at least at first. And it just seems fair, you know. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. (Just a figure of speech. That really sounds gross to me. And I'm ticklish so I don't want anyone touching my back.) Better said, if I want you to spend time on my blog, I need to be nice enough to spend time on yours. But there are only so many hours in the day. Still, I can try to work in a little time to read a blog or two (or ten) after writing up a post. And since I hope readers will do the same for me, I'm willing to do it.

On to the blog hop idea. I think these are great. Really, for one thing, I know there are tons of fantastic mommy/lifestyle blogs out there and I'm all about finding some that I connect with. And a bunch of cool blogs in one place is a great way to find them. That's why I join these hops sometimes. Like Friday's Letters. Love it. Love the idea of summing up my week with letters and love getting snippets of other bloggers lives by reading their letters. Tomorrow I'm joining the Aloha blog hop. This one is really nice because there are so many blogs that link up, you have a great chance of finding new blogs you like, and of course, of your blog being found!

Why do I write my blog? Well, for one (and my most important reason), I'm documenting life with me and Jeff and our little darlings and blogging is faster and easier than scrapbooking. Two, at heart I'm a writer, blogging is a good outlet for me to share my thoughts. And three, truthfully, sometimes mommyhood makes me crazy. I like feeling like I can vent to my online friends. I like finding good recipes, good birthday party ideas, thought-provoking posts when I need to reflect (like Ann Voskamp's), funny stories when I need to laugh.

Really, I'm an introvert. I tell my friend Nancy this and she tells me that she doesn't see me that way. I've realized that sometimes how we feel inside doesn't match up entirely with how we are or how we live day to day. But I feel like an introvert. I like to be alone, which I almost never get to experience. In my line of work, I have to spend a lot of time with just me and my thoughts, poring over a manuscript. It's the perfect job for me.

But . . . Nancy's right too. I need people. I need friendship and interaction. I want to have girlfriends over for coffee or go out for drinks with a friend after work. I do like to be social. I like to be invited to things or host parties. I especially like tea dates with my sisters. (But you know, spending time with Sara and Laura or my mom doesn't count as socializing, I think. Being with them is like being with an extension of myself. I can be in pajamas with unwashed hair and no makeup on and a runny nose and still want those three to come over and be with me. That's love.)

Blogging is a form of interaction. We put things out there and wait--hoping someone will comment, will understand what we mean, will connect with our words, will care about what we have to say. When something extraordinary happens, or when something's really, really funny, I always think, I need to blog about this. First to remember it, then to share it.  

Why do you blog?


  1. I'm co-hosting the Aloha hop next month and I'm so excited! I have contemplated this question lately. I started blogging so I could write about books because I love to read and do it all the time, but it has become so much more. I've made so many friends and learned so much about life in general. Blogging is an amazing thing.

  2. Awww, what a lovely post! I am very new to blogging (well, only just gone public) so I totally know what you mean about getting set up and finding followers! Ha ha. I am happy to find your blog, hope you will follow me back too!
    Sarah x

  3. I like putting my projects, ideas and words out there for the world to see. I firmly believe that blogging has made me a better writer and creator.

  4. I'm already a follower of your lovely blog - I'm just stopping by from “Aloha Friday” blog hop to say thanks for co-hosting.
    PS – I would also like to invite you to a blog hop called: “The Great Blog Train” currently live on my blog – Thank you!

  5. I started blogging to let people know about my son after he suffered an accident and his life afterwards. Or really our lives afterwards. His blog (christiansjourney.org) is where my heart and soul has gone for the past four years. It's where the heavy stuff lives.

    But as our family healed and we got back to life and "the accident and the aftermath" didn't consume us, there was life to be lived, a lot of fun to be had, and Pinterest addiction to feed!

    So I set out to start another blog in December. At first it was terrifying because people flocked to Christian's blog without me even trying. I just write and they read.

    Then I found out that's not the norm. Enter blog hops! But it's been fun. My blog is www.mommacandy.com and it's fun and light. I get to talk about stuff I love, trashy TV, sweet things, etc. it has been scary, stressful, and a lot of fun!

    New follower from the Aloha Friday Bloghop, by the way.


  6. For me, I was reading a ton of blogs. Big ones and small ones and one day I thought, wait I have things to say, I go places why don't I start my own blog! So I did, and I love it. I had no idea how addicting it could be and what a hobby/job it could become. I also didn't know how much I enjoyed writing until I started blogging, and yes when those comments come in, it makes me soo happy! This is a great post!
    New follower from the aloha hop!

  7. hello! I am a new follower from the Aloha blog hop. This is a great post. I blog because It's a way for me to journal what I do with my daughter and my time as a stay at home mom. Plus every now and then I think I have a good idea to share. I hope you stop by and check out my blog too! www.mendezmanor.com I am also trying to get more likes to my facebook page in case you want to stop by there too :) http://www.facebook.com/mendezmanor

  8. I love this post, its dead on. I've kind of stopped blogging so much lately, and I dont know if it is because i do things i like in spurts or if i'm more busy trying to find the experiences and memories to enjoy. Either way, it really is a great outlet and I love blog hops! I've fallen in love with so many great blogs (including yours). Oh, and by the way I HATE scratching other peoples backs (literally not figuratively). Princess Stephie @ Icecream To Bellyrings


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