Winter and the Academy Awards

Well, winter showed up at our house over the weekend. This was the view outside my front door on Sunday. Snow like this means lots of family togetherness time inside. This is a good thing until the stir craziness starts to get to us. Still, it's kinda great when rough weather comes over the weekend and we don't have to be anywhere. I was actually so thankful not to have to drive to work this morning. I love spending cold mornings inside a warm house with the smell of coffee in the kitchen and no rush to go anywhere.

So for the first time in forever, Jeff and I watched the Oscars last night. Did you guys? Other than feeling like the whole thing lasted ten years, I thought it was okay. I must not have high expectations because I pretty much expect lots of tasteless jokes and that sort of thing. But I did love seeing all the fun dresses and hearing some of the speeches (not all, refer to comment about feeling like it lasted a decade). My entire purpose in watching it was because of the James Bond thing, which was okay but probably not worth watching the whole thing. I loved Adele, as always. but why wasn't Daniel Craig there? It's Bond night! How about some of the Bond guys, instead of just Halle Berry? (She looked fantastic, btw.)

Anyway, so that was how we spent Sunday night. I feel like snow days = munching days. Do you feel that way? When we're cooped up inside, I tend to cook a lot. We had a big batch of chicken and dumplings Sunday afternoon. Chocolate pie. Enchiladas. Yada Yada Yada. You get my drift. It was a munch weekend. After watching all those girls at the Oscars fit into those miniscule dresses, I told myself that if they can refrain from munching, I should be able to. But I'm thinking that's not true. They've had more practice, I guess.

So whose dress did you like best? I liked so many this year! Her hair wasn't my fave, but I think Jen Garner's dress might have been my favorite. She looked so beautiful! And I thought Ben Affleck's acceptance speech was nice to hear. I wondered how Jen felt about him talking about how hard marriage can be basically--but really, it's true. And it's fine to acknowledge it. And I loved that he was choked up when he mentioned his kids. Sweet. :)

I wonder how some of those actors feel--like the women who've been in the business for years and years but haven't won awards--about the Jennifer Lawrences who get so lucky early on? (She looked gorgeous too, just saying!) What do you think? It must be a little disheartening.
Do you know that feeling? Disappointment. Disillusionment. Frustration that things happen for others but it feels like they don't happen for you. Jealousy. (Don't be worried. We're all friends here and you can be honest. I've absolutely felt that way before too.)  True, we never know all the ins and outs of another person's story. But we see the highlight reel and it looks pretty good, right?
In the business I work in, I've talked with writers at conferences who've been trying to be published for years. Then I know teenagers who've sold their first manuscript without even trying.
It can be hard to be gracious.
One of my priorities is to be comfortable with who I am and with who I am not. Don't you think that's so important to instill in our daughters? We watch these women on TV with all the glamour and glitz, and our lives can seem a little unremarkable. For example, I've lost count of how many times I've had to load my dishwasher in the past three days. I told Jeff that when I get to heaven, I should ask the Lord how much time I spent washing dishes. He smiled and just said, "Don't. You don't want to know." Washing dishes isn't the most glamorous thing, and please don't try to tell me that it is and that it's so important. I already know it's important, that doesn't make it fun.
I admire women who are gracious even when it's not easy to be. Because I know how hard it can be, and that it takes a strong woman to have that quality. That's not the kind of strength I have on my own, but I do pray for it. When people see me, they may not see a glamorous woman. But I would like for them to see a gracious woman.
It's normal for us to have moments where we feel unremarkable. But trust me when I tell you that you are remarkable, lovey. You really are. I've shared with you that I'd like to be a gracious woman. What kind of woman do you want to be? What quality do you admire most? 

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