You Give What You Have

Hi everyone! I'm listening to hammering and sawing going on downstairs as I type this. Jeff and his friend are in major renovation mode at the moment. Hopefully that means we'll have new floors soon! (At the very least, it means naptime is about to be over.)

Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys what's been on my mind lately. I read this great quote recently that in essence reminded me that we can't pass on to our children what we do not have. The person writing that quote was referring to peace. In other words, I can't instill in my kids a sense of peace--or calm, trust, faith in God--if I myself don't have those things.

The quote really just stopped me in my tracks. Because I started thinking about what I do have that I'm probably passing on to my kids--anxiety, impatience, frustration. Now, understand, I don't think those things are going to vanish from my life entirely. But there are some important things that I want my kids to learn from me and see in me. Patience is one of them. Unconditional love is another. And peace and contentment are very important to me. I need to teach my kids to be patient with each other and with their friends. I need to teach my kids to extend unconditional love to their family. I want them to grow up feeling content with what they have, not always wishing for more. I want them to have faith when there's nothing else to go on.

And for me to pass those qualities on, I need to have them deep inside myself. It's funny that I'm writing that at this moment, when this morning has not been very peaceful at my house. Linc decided to escape his crib today. I've been worried it would happen actually. He's getting bigger and stronger and more clever. And when I heard that thump today in his room, I knew. (It didn't even stop him for a second!) He's just been everywhere all morning. Catching his fingers in the cabinet (that's child proof). Hitting his head on the open silverware drawer as he raced through the kitchen. Climbing on the boxes of flooring. You name it.

Not very peaceful.

How do you maintain peace when you're in a disaster zone?

I'm not sure. I think that's when having it deep inside you helps. I've heard it described as though you're in chaos, but beneath you there is this steady current. It flows steadfastly, keeping you grounded when everything's going nuts around you. You have peace amid chaos. For me, my faith is the source of that kind of peace. So I know I have it. It's just a matter of drawing from it. And I so want to instill that in my kids. But to pass it on, I have to have it first. I need to be that peaceful woman, in order to show my kids what peace looks like. It sounds hard. It sounds like it will take more than I have. But I know it's doable and that there is a "peace that passes all understanding."

Even on days like today.

I can't give what I don't possess. I can't give patience if I don't have any. I can't teach contentment if I'm not content. I can't pass on faith if mine isn't real. I can't instill peace if it's not in me.

That's okay.

When what I have isn't enough, that's where my faith comes in and God gives me what I need. That's what I'm praying for today. What about you? What's going on with you today, lovey?


  1. Such a great post. Definitely something that I needed to hear today. I try so hard to instill the important habits, behaviors, morals, values, etc in my children that I lack. But you're right... I can't instill something in my kids that I don't have within myself. Patience is a big one for me, too!

  2. Thank you for that Brandy! SUCH a great reminder. You are an excellent writer.

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  4. Aww that's so true . Actually sometimes , words work better than ANYTHING :)

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